Winners of MYM Blog Contest & MYM FAQ

In no particular order, here are thee submissions from the Blog Contest that I have selected to win a FREE 12-month membership, valued at $839.40, to Maximize Your Muscle.

Attention Winners: Please email me at with your full mailing address and you’ll be receiving a BIG BOX of the first 9 Phases in the mail (Oct, Nov, Dec will arrive to your house when they are released.  You’ll be awarded full access to the private member forum and access to coaching calls!  Congratulations – now it’s time to live up to your end of  your plan!

Thank you to ALL contestants – it took me ALL morning to read through them all and each one was very inspiring.  It was VERY VERY hard to pick only three winners and I want to thank you for sharing your reasons to live beyond the norm – I hope you follow through now.

Winner #1: Brian Richards

“I started working out after my father had a terrible heart attack at the age of 55. I decided then and there that I would not be next on that operating table. Now, here I am, 8 years later, and I have made great progress working out in the gym and trying this program and that program… whatever was hot on the market.

I am ready for something more. I am ready for the next level of fitness. I have trouble gaining weight because of a stomach disorder I battle with each day, but nothing has stopped me yet of achieving my goals. A tough and challenging new program from you won’t deter me either! I am ready to make you proud and take my body to another level.

I am still many years away from turning 55, but with programs like Maximize Your Muscle, I am confident I won’t be on an operating table like my dad was. In fact, what I have accomplished on my own these past 8 years has inspired my dad. He is in the gym with me too sometimes – still going strong 8 years later. I would love to show him again what can be done with a healthy lifestyle and the right plan of attack. I believe Maximize Your Muscle is that next step for me. Give me the chance to prove it to you and to my dad.  Thanks Vince.”

Brian Richards

Winner #2 Ryan Salinas

“Every morning, at 5:00 AM, my motivation to start the day is my workout routine. A neat physique is fascinating; knowing that a human can be so beautiful through hard work gives me inspiration. It gives a whole different meaning to life, a reason to stand up for what I believe, to keep going, most importantly to know that I will suppress myself, I will overcome my nightmares of seeing fit individuals whose stamina were far greater than mine – a boy who was considered obese a few years ago.

The great physique achieved through your program will not only boost up my confidence, but it will make me more enduring, wiser in a sense that I CAN and I WILL conquer any struggle, any doubt in myself, and achieve greatness in life, so that others may look up to me, like I do to you Vince.

When I feel great about myself, automatically, people surrounding me admire my looks and personality, the fact that I have stuck with what I intended to do and become. Not only I want to make myself proud, but my loved ones and influence them positively with healthy living, nutritious diet, and exercise.

Now at 18, most important and cherished things in my life come from my inner self, my ambitions and goals that make me different from the rest, beyond the norm, and that is what I long for the most; to have a good, healthy, fulfilled life, which can be accomplished through your program.”

Ryan Salinas
New Westminster, British Columbia

Winner #3 John Katsaros

“I want to look like something greater than the norm because I have always been below the norm muscle wise for my height. I was always the skinny kid and I don’t want to be known as the skinny man. I feel that I deserve a better body because I have worked hard at building muscle with nothing to show for it since my first gain in muscle when I was 17.

I am a father and 23 now and I do not want my son to grow up seeing his dad as skinny and weak. It would like him to look at me and think wow that is my dad.

If I had a better body than the norm I would not only be a role model to my son and others for what being fit is. I would also strive to live my life to the best of my ability to be a role model in all aspects other than fitness.

It is important for me to look and feel better than just average for my son and my wife. I would be the husband and father that they deserve because I would have more confidence.

I would also have the knowledge and the outright joy in proving all the people wrong who said; “You will always be skinny and weak.” I will be able to tell my son with belief that he can overcome anything even his genetics and neigh-sayers.”

John Katsaros                                                                                                                                                                                                   Analomink, Pennsylvania

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Maximize Your Muscle

Here are the top 3 questions received on the Maximize Your Muscle Monthly Series:

“I’m a complete beginner. Will this work for me?’

“No.It will work but I’m going to strongly advise that you do not sign up.

Maximize Your Muscle includes the routines I used to go from 190-lbs to 210-lbs which was a gain of 20-lbs of muscle AFTER my original body transformation from 149-190lbs. If you’re a beginner then use my entry level program No Nonsense Muscle Building program.   That is more appropriate for you.

MYM is a very challenging and demanding program and requires your body to be prepared for at least 5-6 intense weight training workouts each week. The number one reason people cancelled their membership to Maximize Your Muscle is because “it was too hard.” You need at least 1 full of year of weight training behind your back and to have already built a respectable amount of muscle on your body before trying out Maximize Your Muscle. Add 10-20 lbs of muscle using No Nonsense Muscle Building and then join Maximize Your Muscle in September when I re open it. Thanks for your interest.”

“I’m a female, is this program for me?”

“I knew I would get this question as the most popular and the instant answer is YES. But let me explain in detail. I owe you a nice explanation.

About 30-40% of my readers are females and because my stuff is kind of “hardcore” I figure the ladies who are following my info know that I have a male dominant audience and understand why I cater the marketing and my language i.e. (i use the word “guys” a lot) to males…. I hope you understand.

Realize that I KNOW I have A LOT of lovely ladies who follow my stuff and I’m absolutely HONOURED and THRILLED which is why I allow you to inquire so I can reply in detail as I’ve done below :)

So is MYM for females?

1. It’s for ANYONE who wants to blow beyond there genetic potential. You’ve got to be serious and I recommend at least 1 year of regular weight training experience.

2. It’s marketed to my “intermediate and advanced” body builders (notice the space between the word meaning I am not implying competitive bodybuilders who compete on stage) who have hit a plateau. Anybody who wants to take their physique to the next level that has been unattainable until now. If you’re stuck with your progress in fat loss or muscle gains – THIS IS FOR YOU.

3. The content in the print newsletter is PHENOMENAL. My best. Deep stuff. Killer content. Will apply to your every day life and being a better person overall. Males and females will love it.

4. Most of the monthly programs are 4-6 workouts a week… so this is not your “short 15 minute workout” system workouts. This is higher level training. The same workouts I used to compete, get ready for photo shoots and same workouts Flaiva, my 29 year old fiance follows. If I would recommend it to my fiance… I think it’s safe for you :)

5. Back to Flavia… she became more toned (especially her arms and abs an shoulders) while combining my MYM routines with a low calorie meal plan and regular post workout cardio. She actually lose a few pounds of fat but looked 10x more ripped (in a nice way). So you can use the MYM routines as your weight training program and then add your own cardio and use a balanced fat loss meal plan to create fat loss results.

6. Expect to get more defined, conditioned and tighter then ever with these workouts. They will REALLY shape up your body and get you into wicked shape… especially phase 2 coming next month!

Read the entire website. Feel free to get a copy for your husband or boyfriend too. Or if you have a son… he’ll LOVE you (even more) :) It’s a bad ass kit that arrives in the mail. I’m sure he would be STOKED if you hooked him up. Just don’t forget about the upcoming rebills once a month if you stay on board (which I think you will). Hope that helps. Hope to talk to you on the first coaching call.

“Does MYM work for fat loss?”

Yes, this works for fat loss. Even though the title of the program is called “Maximize Your Muscle” it’s safe and fair to say it could also be called “Maximize Your Fat Loss.”

Remember, weight training is used to PRESERVE your muscle mass while dieting. Weight training will keep your metabolism high and reveal a ripped physique when the fat comes off. MYM style weight training is actually preferable to fat loss instead of crazy intense conditioning circuits because they can result in muscle loss – for some.

Use MYM for the weight training component of your routine. Combine a low calorie fat loss meal plan to employ fat loss (creating a caloric deficit) and you’ll also have to do a few cardio sessions around the MYM weight training routine. With those tweaks, you’re absolutely in good hands if fat loss is your goal. I will touch on fat loss specifically in future issues too. Hope that helps and I hope to have you on board.”

Registration Begins Tonight at Midnight!

We’ll cya at

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Talk soon


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    Sorry, i counted the words and I am wrong. But with first sight it looked like more.
    Really sorry!

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