Win VIP Access To Live Large LIVE 2011


Live Large Live!

Yo Yo Yo!

This is it!

It’s going to happen!

Before the registration page goes live Monday July 11th, I’m gonna hook someone up BIG TIME and give them VIP access to Live Large LIVE A-N-D I’m going to pay for your hotel room and cover your registration fee.

That’s right, one person will win total access to Live Large LIVE taking place in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (15 minutes from the Toronto airport) August 29th – 30th.The only thing you’ll have to cover if you win is airfare… I’ll pay for the rest :)

To apply for this AWESOME HOOK UP just tell me why you want to attend Live Large LIVE and how this event will help you achieve more greatness in your fitness, business/career and life.

Let me know below in the comment box below. I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday July 11th.

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10 Responses to “Win VIP Access To Live Large LIVE 2011”

  1. Vince

    @mithchell. I got my email out 2 days too late so I’m doing the winner on Monday. Thanks for your submission!

  2. Jonathan

    Hi Vince,

    I want to attend Live Large Live 2011 because I want to see/hear/talk to you in person. I’ve been subscribed to your emails for over a year now and it would be so great to meet the person who’s been sending me such no nonsense emails. It’s refreshing.

    This event will motivate me further to continue pushing onwards even when others look at me and shake their heads when they see me working out. Who cares what they think, I’m doing my own thing and I’m not competiting against anyone anyway. Seeing and hearing you speak about your passion is the ultimate motivation; that’s all really.

    Hope to see you at Live Large Live 2011!

  3. davd

    Hi Vince.
    i am 25 years old and my weight is 125 Pounds i always wanted to become the big strong person but i dont kow how i belive that if you give me the free pass i will learn how to gain the muscles i always wanted to have and will be a good success story for you.

  4. Eric He

    Hey Vince,

    I have been working out for 3 years now. I have been following you on youtube and your newsletter for 3 years now. 3 years ago I was a skinny kid like you, after one year I gained 20 lbs. However, those 20 pounds were not all muscle, but some of it was fat. In order to achieve a six pack I wanted to diet and get leaner. I went back to my original 130lbs, but this time i was more built than before. Last year I gained my 20 lbs back and now i am standing at 150lbs. After endless research and videos of youtube professionals regarding bodybuilding, my future goal is to become a fitness model like you.

    Somehow i just became more and more addicted to building my body and improving my life. For the past 3 years i have been working out at home and using only free weights. Now to get to the next level, I am now working in a gym and pushing myself harder than ever. 3 years of home workout was great and i just need something to push me further because i seem to have trouble going beyond my plateau. Anyways, this event will give me a chance to meet you and Ben Pakulski, and give me a reason to go after my dream of becoming a fitness model in the future.

  5. Richard

    Hi Vince,
    It would be an honor to meet the man who has shaped the lives of numerous people through fitness in body and mind. You and your cadre of renowned fitness experts could further solidify my personal fitness. Access to the information that can enhance a life is priceless, and the opportunity to get it first hand even more so. Bless you and Flqavia and the success of the event.

  6. ben

    My names Ben. From akron Ohio. I’m a blues and rock n roll guitar player.I’m 22, 138 pounds. I need some mentoring,I work out and I’m toned and I KNOW I can be one of the best transformations you will ever work with if you show me the ways Vince. I’m not in college or anything, music and training is going to take over my life, but if I get this chance, I promise it will be worth your time and money and it won’t be the last tome you’ve ever heard of me. Thanks for reading this man,hope to hear from you and good luck to everyone. I just got done watching rocky 3…..eye of the tiger man! Haha take care

  7. Tim Ernst

    My name is Tim and I live in Tampa, Fl. I have been using your workout routines for about 2 years already. I currently graduated from your MYM program and had awesome results. I have a pretty interesting story on how I got to where I am today as far as health and fitness goes.  

    10 years ago was the toughest time of my life. I was 25 years of age when my closest brother past away at the age of 24. I also was engaged to a woman who decides to leave 4 months after my brothers death. What a horrific time and loss I had, but these events would be the catalyst  that would catapult me to have a desire to better my life both spiritually and physically. This is when I started to work-out and done so ever since. I just needed to get my mind off of things.

    You see Vince I currently work for Publix Supermarkets here in Florida. They are a great company with great benefits, but I work in the most unhealthy department, the bakery.  Now being that I have a passion for health and fitness, I feel like I don’t believe in what I’m selling. It’s just not a passion I desire. I feel that I’m on the brink of changing careers and want to truly promote in what I believe in, health and fitness.  I’m at a pivotal point in my life and want to Eventually get married to a great woman that I’m currently with.  This may be difficult to achieve now because it may be hard to change careers when I have to support her and her son.  I need to get moving in the right direction and have been looking into different certification programs to become a personal trainer.  This is my passion and I already live it now. I want to make a life changing career to help others get into the best shape of their lives.

      I feel that the opportunity that you are giving out would be the start of an awesome career for me in the future. If someone asked me what I wanted to do for a career, I would tell them that I want Vince DelMontes job and brand it to my own style.
    The bottom line, I want to help and better other people’s lives just as I am in the process of doing for myself.  Live Large!

  8. evan

    Vince Del Monte.
    This reasonn might not be an essay like the rest of these guys, but i know you’ll feel this. I am 18 years old, always been the skinny guy, and have literally been on and off diets, supplements, workout routines, and much more for around 4 years. Staying healthy and becoming a musician is my life! i think the most important thing we can do is live a healthy lifestyle, not just diet, or workout. Yet there is always more knowledge we can learn, and thats why you should choose me! I’m young, and willing to know and learn. I wish i could get the chance to meet you as im from vaughan which isnt far from hamilton, and as much as all these other guys brag about how much you inspire them, you’re a lifesaver man. PS. I’m ITALIAN too… just another reason! Cheers

  9. Xai

    Hi Vince,

    You have always been an inspiration physically and mentally and it’s people like you that keep people like me motivated in life. But until recently I’ve lost my motivation in pursuing my fitness goals, my career and have been basically thrown off the path of life. Since last July of ’10 my grandpa passed away and my life has been going down hill since. He was a role model in my life because he was always on top and success was in the palms of his hands. He came to America after the Vietnam War and build a whole new generation of life for his family from scratch. Soon after his passing my girlfriend’s mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She too was an inspiration in my life. I was a poor college student and they’re family wasn’t in the best financial standards but she taught me to live large without the need of a whole lot of money…and happiness was the outcome. She passed away this January of ’11. To make things worse…my girlfriend of 5 years whom I planned on marrying…who’s family has been a great part of my life, decides to end things with me a couple months after her mom’s passing. So for the last two months my life has been miserable.
    So how does all this tie up? Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I love to compete in Volleyball so staying in great health and shape was always a priority. Even though people (more like family) doubt my skills and my genetics by telling me I will never be able to build muscle since I have a “weak” body (supposedly it comes from my grandma’s side) and that I will never be able to play volleyball at a competitive level; I was always on top to prove them wrong, and I started to all because you keep telling us that we can “blow beyond our genetic potential”. However since all of these incidents started to pile up one after another I am lost and confused in life. I am getting out of shape… I have a job (web based) but is this what I want? Because I always wanted to BE somebody in the fitness world…someone who could help people achieve their goals…but how can I do that when I can’t help myself. I think your Live Large LIVE is the key to bring me back onto this path. To help me improve my fitness goals, to help me see what I can be in this business world, and what you do best Vince, to help me Live Large and live happy again in this life when everything has crumbled beneath me.

  10. Retirementcoach

    To learn the art of sculpting your body, you need to go to a master to learn the skill. If you’re fortunate to have access to several masters, the wider your knowledge in using different methods to achieve the results you want. To sculpture your body you will need to develop a course of action, be committed, have dedication and patience. Yet building your body is only one facet in our development. Building a strong spirit, values and principles are necessary to be successful in life. To learn to make a difference rather than be self-centered. To learn to care about others rather than always putting ourselves first. To be authentic and not be something we’re not. Success in life is learning how to establish goals and develop a game plan to get there. And to have the courage and commitment to work the plan when others say it can’[t be done. I found it is important to surround yourself with successful people. People who have gone down the path of success and can impart knowledge and wisdom on how to travel that road. Attending the conference will put me in touch with those masters who have sculptured their body. I will learn from those who have a strong spirit and a sense of making a difference. To surround myself for 2 days with people of like mind, learning new skills and approaches to life will be invaluable in my continuing and never ending improvement in who I am and how I look.