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I couldn’t wait to write you because today is your amazing opportunity to win a 12-month membership to my masterpiece muscle program: Maximize Your Muscle Monthly Series.  (Real World Value = $839.40!)

How To Win A Free 12-Month Membership To Maximize Your Muscle:

This is a 48-hour contest that ends Sunday at midnight EST.

3 winners will be announced on Monday April 5th via this blog.


How To Win 1 Of 3 FREE 12-Month Memberships

In 250-words or less please answer the following question:

Why Do You Want To Look Like Something Greater Than The Norm?

Tell me why a better body will change your life.  Tell me why you deserve a better body?  Tell me what you would do if you had a body better than the norm.  Why is it important to you to look and feel better than just “average.”

I will award the top 3 most inspiring entries early Monday morning.  The contest ends Sunday night at midnight so post your submission in the comment section below.

Please write in clear and concise sentences and try to avoid huge blocks of text without any breaks for paragraphs!

Don’t forget to leave your first and last name and where you are from.

I can’t wait to know why you want something greater than the norm.

Good luck!


P.S. I failed to mention one thing: I’m not going to reward the winners out of sympathy or because I feel sorry for you.  So please do not use financial reasons or lack of moola as a reason I should award you the membership. I want a reason that will inspire me and others reading.

Instead, I want to know how a body beyond the norm will change your life, the lives of your loved ones, how you would be and live differently…  think beyond yourself.   Basically reasons that are going to make it really hard for me to pick three winners… LOL

Alight, post your entry now! I’m reading EVERY ENTRY and already feel bad I can only pick 3 winners.

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