Win 1 of 5 FREE Phase 1 Packages of Hypertrophy M.A.X. (Valued at $1015.00)

We have some EXCITING news for you today. Until TONIGHT at midnight, we’ll be GIVING AWAY at least  5 FREE  Phase 1 Packages because of how much we appreciate your interest and positive response gearing up for the release of the Hypertrophy M.A.X. Monthly Series Tuesday June 26th.

As you can see above, the ENTIRE Phase 1 Package  is valued at a legit $1,015.00 per month. Don’t worry, we won’t be charging $1,015.00 a month — not a chance.  

To enter to win the first monthly instalment of the Pro-Created Hypertrophy M.A.X. Monthly Series we’re GIVING AWAY, simply reply in the comments section below this post (reply form is at the bottom of this page) with the following answer:

Tell us EXACTLY the dollar figure of how much you would pay to get access to this entire Phase 1 Hardcopy Package come Tuesday.

Simple, fast and easy!

Based on everything we’ve shared this past week, simply tell us what this bad boy would be worth to you!

This contest is only open for 48 hours so get your guess in right away and we’ll announce the winners over the weekend.

Good luck and have fun!

Vince Del Monte and Ben Pakulski



10 Responses to “Win 1 of 5 FREE Phase 1 Packages of Hypertrophy M.A.X. (Valued at $1015.00)”

  1. Fredrik

    Well since I can’t afford throwing my money on much extra I’d say 20$ a month, 30$ is an absolute maximum for me.. But I’m damn sure it’s worth alot more than that.. =/

    I hate money, but yet I love it… Seems like money is everything these days. I’m into bodybuilding because it’s my passion, and you own the info I need to possible reach my goal faster then ever.. I just hope I have the money when you tell us the price..

  2. lou

    Hey Hugo, what kind of muscle building programs have you published? it seems you know a lot and Im sure myself and everyone else on this page would love to give them a try. I bet you even work as hard as vince and have the the body to back it up as well.

  3. Paul


  4. Eric Matthews


  5. chris

    well actually i am kind of broke at this time,,but i would definitley find out a way to pay for this masterpieace,,,,!! i would say 100 bucks for the 1st phase,,!

  6. Dean

    Really, so only big guys could use MI-40? And only big guys can use Hypertrophy max? You still don’t understand, everyone has different goals!!!! If I want to be at 190lbs with 8% body fat, why can’t I with this program? Oh, but your telling me that I can’t use this program because I’m not a person that weighs 250lbs with 8% body fat. If you trully think that way, your not very intelligent!

  7. Eric moffson

    I would pay 1015.00.

  8. jeff ballard

    i will say 40.95

  9. Karen

    39 dollars? Have i won?? Thanks

  10. Alexander

    I reckon its worth $39, can’t wait to get started on it.