WBFF 2011 World Championship Report

First and foremost I want to thank all of my family, friends and fans who cheered me on from the balcony of the Mississauga Living Arts Theatre and through the pages of You Tube, Facebook and everywhere else I hang out online. I was astonished to meet fans who traveled all the way from Chicago, Ohio and Colorado to specifically watch me compete Saturday night! I was absolutely humbled.  Aside from Amer “The Hammer” (home town boy), I had the 2nd loudest fan crowd so that’s got to count for something, right?

The 2011 WBFF Worlds was a day I’ll never forget.

It started with me waking up at 4am to eat 4 rice cakes, 3 tables spoons of almond butter and 8 oz of boiled chicken breast (without an ounce of water) to dry out and get tighter and tighter.  I rose for battle at 7am to consume 12 oz of lean red meat and 3 whole eggs, followed by more  rice cakes, boiled chicken breast and almond butter and finally some more rice cakes and raspberry jam to get some energy for a pump before pre judging.

As promised, my lower ab skin was almost as thin as the skin on the front of my hands!  This was the leanest condition I’ve ever achieved in my life…. and it HURT to travel that low. Getting lean HURTS.

I am very proud of how I arrived at Worlds. My entire body was bigger, dryer, tighter and harder than ever. My brother said, “You achieved a P.B. (personal best)” I pushed my body to the ultimate edge.  Three workouts a day on the final 7 days to suck out the last few grams of fat.  I stepped on stage at around 204 lbs and 3-4% fat.  Over 8 lbs heavier than my last show and leaner!  The last two weeks I was consuming white fish 5 out of 6 meals and on the last few days I was consuming only 100 grams of carbs a day.  The most challenging part is when you cut your fats the last 3-4 days before the carb up.  When my fats get cut, I get very, very grumpy.  In future videos, I’ll reveal all the details of my diet.

I recorded the entire event – photo shoot on Friday, posing practice, pre judging, back stage, finals, post show… everything!  It’ll all be released in Season 2 of Live Large TV and when you see the videos and pictures you’ll see that I didn’t just improve my physique from April but I almost RE MOLDED it.  I’m DYING to show you all the footage.

I won’t lie – I was disappointed on not being called out with the top ten guys and my first thought was, I didn’t have the same quality of stage presence or intensity on stage as the top guys who got called out… That was my goal but that’s okay. I got in the ‘fitness model’ game late and received a lot of positive compliments from fellow competitors which felt good.

After prejudging and meeting my coach, Ben says, “There is no way you’re coming top ten tonight…. Unless you go run 10 miles between now and finals and lose 10 lbs off your legs and waist.  I had no idea how small the fitness model guys were…”

One of the judges confirmed this too.  I was informed that my waist was “not ideal” for the fitness model category and because I have a big waist, to achieve a “fitness model look” I would have to make my shoulders 2x bigger.  And my legs were far superior to anyone on stage.  Size specifically.  Ben goes, “You should have crossed your legs on stage and you would have fit in better…” haha

It’s funny because for the past 4 months Flavia has been saying, “You should do Muscle Model instead…”  Who knows… Maybe Muscle Model is calling my  name… ?  Another decision for another day.  Always listen to your wife!

NOTE: I’m not making an excuse or complaining.  This was simply the feedback I received based on my physique compared to others.  Objective feedback is how you improve.

A few things I know I need to work on if I ever want to win this category is:

- I need to come in around 185-190 lbs.  That would require losing muscle on my legs because I don’t have 10-15 lbs of extra fat to lose.

- I need to learn how to control my abdominals better. I have a bad habit of letting them relax.

- I need to learn how to pose more naturally. Look more effortless.  I still move a little rigid.

- I would pay more attention to making my abs deeper and thicker.

- I would bring far more intensity to the stage.  In fact, I would have a shot (or two) of Sambuca and then hit the stage :)

After pre judging, I headed to a nice burger restaurant and got a double order of french fries (no salt) and a huge burger.  It’s hard to describe how good it tasted considering I was eating white fish for over two weeks straight.

Since I have to stay tight and dry until the evening Finals, I only allowed myself 750ml of water between pre judging and finals.  In total, I went from 9pm on Thursday until 9pm on Saturday with only 1.5 liters of water in total.  Not drinking is – by far – the most excruciating part of the show.  Dying of thirst would probably be a horrific way to die!

I can’t consume any dairy or sodium or any foods that would cause water retention so we stopped by Whole Foods and I got myself a huge chocolate brownie and chocolate coconut naomi bar to eat immediately after the finals!

Again, I can’t describe how freaking amazing chocolate tastes when you have not had it for over 10 weeks!

 Flavia a.k.a. Flavilicious Fitness – my #1 Fan

Overall, it was a day I’ll never forget.  Hanging out back stage with the other athletes is always the highlight – pumping up beside Artus Shakur, yelling like the movie 300 before going on stage with Brock Aksoy, talking business with Rob Riches, comparing obliques and legs with Ryan John Baptiste, chilling with muscle model Perry Merlotti, watching Mike Raso (21 Day Fast Mass Building) compete for the first time, seeing James Ellis abs (that look photo shopped!) abs in person, watching Obi Obadike dominate the stage, chat with David Kimmerele on how he does the vacuum, cracking jokes with Wash Candido, flexing in front of the mirror for 10 minutes with muscle pros Darrell Holloman and Sean Harely, getting to meet Scott Dorn (cover of Reps), posing down with 20 of the top models in the world, telling “war stories” about our diets with Micah Lecerte…. meeting super cool guys like Tommy Andrades, Femi Olagoke and Bobby Brennan, having the 2nd loudest cheering squad when I hit the stage, celebrating with Matt & Emily Stirling and Obi and Brock for an Italian feast,  having my incredible coach Ben Pakulski fly in from Florida and dial me in… and having my gorgeous wife at the event all day taking pictures, video and cheering me on!

I still don’t know my official finish position. One judge had me at 11th and if that’s my final spot, I’ll be extremely happy.  It’s crazy that I have to wait DAYS to find out my final position…

So many memories.   The day was so, so long. Flavia and I didn’t even go to the after party (I don’t think many or any body did!). We drove straight home – actually we made a stop at Pizza Nova and I inhaled half a large pizza and then said, “I’m not doing what I did after my Quebec show…”

And, I honestly can’t believe how amazing pizza tastes when you have not had it for 10 weeks.  Fellow competitors know what I’m talking about.

I slept like a tank when my head hit the sack. It was an amazing day and I can’t wait to share all the photos and videos so we can re live it together.

Here’s a video I shot in the gym the morning after Worlds (Yes, I went to the gym the next day!) that says What’s Next…

Comments or questions… fire away.

Thanks for your long lasting support.


10 Responses to “WBFF 2011 World Championship Report”

  1. Lee Hayward

    Nice post Vince. Great job on gaining 8 pounds and improving your conditioning from your last show. That’s really impressive!

  2. Vince

    Las Vegas baby!

    Muscle & Fitness Model Search… I’m doing the Super Pump Challenge…. Stay tuned

    I’ll be in Vegas for the Mr. O weekend. Look out!

  3. Vince

    “Politics” are a just an excuse for you to not give it your all.

    Don’t be one of those lame fitness competitors who throw around the word “politics”

    That mentality is for the weak.

  4. Vince

    Nope… I’ve been a “real internet guru” for over 5 years strong.

  5. Bradford Pete

    Vince was cocky as hell before the competition, and didn’t live up to the talk. IMO a little humble pie would do the guy some good, although I doubt he would listen. Wouter- you were spot on and I applaud that you actually gave some feedback rather than robotically repeat the same praise everyone else did. Hit- Vince is a big boy, he should be able to take that and if not that’s his problem. He talked the talk, but didn’t walk the walk. If you’re going to call everyone out and come ’11th’, you’re gonna get some backlash.
    Humble pie does a body good Vince- we need a little more of it in this world- think of that next time and then do your thing.

  6. Josh

    I guess I always figured you were a fake internet guru =)

  7. Riley

    Congrats on the transformation Vince, huge inspiration! I’m starting the overload phase of 21 day fast mass and could not be more inspired to kick this things ass and master it. – Raw savage from the bone and flesh

    So what’s next on the agenda man?

  8. Alex M.

    Looking great!Definitely the best shape of your life.Your truly an inspiration to everyone.You have change my life greatly and now i have a goal to shoot for.Being a Asian its not easy to be at the top in world fitness industry(lots of politics here and there )However i will do my best to get there.”To believe in myself” .

    Good luck for your next show!

  9. Vince

    Don’t try. Do.

  10. Vince

    Well done Matt. Your show will be a huge accomplishment you’ll never forget.