Vince & Flavia DelMonte Cover Shoot Video

So… do you want to hear a funny story about how this cover shoot came to be?

Let me say – it’s not what you know but who you know. Especially when it comes to landing a cover.

So here’s the story: After I got my WBFF Pro Card I asked my good friend and 2010 WBFF World Fitness Model Champ, Obi Obadike, if he could help me land a cover because that has always been a mini goal of mine.Obi has been featured on over 20 covers world wide so let’s just say, he’s well-connected in the industry.  You’ll meet Obi in some upcoming videos you want won’t to miss either…

He knows the photographers. He knows the magazine editors. He’s the guy who says, “Let me make a few calls and see what I can do! Email me your pics and I’ll hook you up.”

A few days later Obi called me with good and bad news!

“Bad news… Vince, I just spoke to the editors of FitnessX magazine and they really like you but when they were going through you images there was one with Flavia and they said ‘Who’s the girl?! They seem more interested in shooting her than you!”


No joke.

And Flavia, my wife, could care less about being on a cover. I’m serious.  She was there to support me. She’s not into the “cover model” stuff.  I, on the other hand, need my ego reassured every day so I was very disappointed when I heard I almost lost the cover to my wife!

Obi called me back and said, “Good news… the owners of FitnessX agreed to do a couples shoot so book your flights – you’re shooting in 3 weeks in California!”

And that’s how it went down!

Flavia and I decided to tie our 1 year wedding anniversary into the trip too.  So we dieted for 3 weeks, flew to California for our photo shoot and then spent a week blowing our diets and doing a road trip from L.A. to San Francisco to Napa Valley.  It was an amazing trip.

What happened to my abs?

Yes, I know Flavia’s abs look 10x better than mine in this shot.  My eyes work just like yours :)   Here’s the deal.

You probably saw my April 30th shredded pics from my contest.  Well after that show I went on a complete out of control food binge.  I ate EVERYTHING in sight for 3 weeks straight.  It was supposed to be a 1 week binge but that turned into 2 weeks and then before you know it I had blown my diet for 3 weeks. It was amazing! LOL

I went from 195 lbs to 220 lbs in 3 weeks!  Not all fat but I’m sure I caused some damage.  I spent 3 weeks getting rid of most of it before shooting around 215 lbs for the photo shoot.  I don’t promote this yo-yo extreme but this is what happened to me in this situation. I won’t do that after Worlds this year.

Since the WBFF Worlds was about 9 weeks away from the photo shoot I felt completely comfortable “going nuts” before I had to buckle down.

My beautiful wife on the other hand is far more disciplined with her diet when we travel.  She knows how to say, “No” and does not have to have 2-3 serving of every course.  I need to take cues from my wife when it comes to diet discipline in the off season!

Okay, hope you enjoy the video and feel free to LIKE it or SHARE it with your friends.


P.S. If you have any questions about getting ready for a photo shoot, let us know below!

P.P.S. Here’s the best ab workout I know to get ripped abs.

10 Responses to “Vince & Flavia DelMonte Cover Shoot Video”

  1. Brad Gouthro

    Love the honesty Vince. I know you’ll find your abs again before the WBFF Finals in August. Congrats on the cover and best of luck friend.

  2. Ylwa

    Huge congrats to both of you – well done! Just one thing – I love these funny little vids you post every oncce in a while but, pretty please, next time – stand still! :) All that rocking back and forth from side to side drives me nuts. And, it makes you look a bit nervous or stresse, especially compared to Flav who seems Zen-like standing next to you ;)

  3. Anna

    Y’all both look incredible! especially Flavia’s six pack! You look amazing too though! :) Good luck the 27th!

  4. Mark

    You looking great Vince, I know thats not competition ready but thats the type body I look forward to after a few years of traning and your course!

  5. Arnold

    Yo did Flavia get fake tits? I know she had very small boobs before …or did she have some wacky bra that smashed them up to give her more cleavage. They just look different in this video.


  6. Rosalie

    Hi Vince and Flavia,

    First of all, happy anniversary! You’ve had some roller coaster first year of marriage. Wishing you shared love and adventures, and success in your future goals. You’re a beautiful couple,Rosalie

  7. Mitchell

    Congrats on the cover! Anabolic Amplifier Effect is 2 weeks Vince, lol. Yeah, I was wondering what had happened to your abs…

    Great adventures make great stories.


  8. Lori

    I think you both looked great!! Im sure that shoot was lots of fun!! Now it will be interesting to see how you both look in 50 years. Maybe a yearly photoshoot to show your history.

  9. Stephanie

    Well you should give yourself some slack, honestly you both look great and the editorial photo does not do enough justice, on video your abs looked much better.

  10. Sinisa

    You both look great, yes even you Vince without your competition ready abs. You gaining that much weight in 3 weeks sounds normal, a friend of mine that also competes can get that weight back in 5 days or less.