Video Testimonials of Live Large Attendees!

Imagine Discovering The Little-Known (and never talked about) Success Philosophies, Beliefs, Thinking, and Personal Behaviors From The “Real Deal” People In My Life Who Are Actually “Living Large” And Not Just Talking About It!

How Live Large LIVE 2011 Came To Be:

One of my life goals is to help 1,000,000 skinny guys transform their physical bodies and use that as a stepping stone to transform the rest of their lives, just like I did.

I’m living proof that this kind of transformation is possible for anyone. I believe that if you can transform your body, you can transform your career, relationships, lifestyle and anything else.

To date, I’ve helped over 100,000 people transform their physical bodies via my online fitness business and I’m ready to reveal my latest transformation secrets that helped me conquer my genetics and build a world-class body.

You see, it wasn’t until I transformed my body that I gained the confidence to chase after the business, lifestyle and girl of my dreams.  All because of my live large mindset that I want to share with you.

Here’s When “The Stars Aligned”

On April 16th 2011, I won my WBFF Pro Card at the Quebec Championships, which qualified me to compete in the Pro Division of the WBFF World Championships on August 27th in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

I realized immediately that I could combine the World Championships with an opportunity to create the experience of a lifetime for YOU. And that’s what I did! My entire summer was dedicated to pouring every ounce of energy into assembling the first ever Live Large LIVE transformation event.

Take a moment to listen to hear a few comments from attendees who were apart of the first ever event…

3 Responses to “Video Testimonials of Live Large Attendees!”

  1. aimo

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to see/hear you all. I send my special thanks and regards to Bruce, who has been very encouraging with his own example especially to us senior trainees! Go on being an inspiration, Bruce! Same words to all of you nice people over there.

  2. Aaron B -

    That is really great man! I’m really glad it was a success and looking forward to checking it out! (Was out of town during the event so couldn’t attend)

    Keep up the great work as usual, and inspiring others as you already are doing :)

  3. Brian

    Vince when and where can I get the Live Large Live DVD set? I wish I could have been there and would like to see what I missed.