Top 40 Things Vince Del Monte Learned in 2010

The Top 40 Things I Learned In 2010 – By Vince Del Monte

For the past few years I’ve been compiling a top things I learned list and we’re back by popular demand!  This year I broke up my top forty list into four categories that I’m extremely passionate about and they all start with the letter M: muscle, manhood, marriage and money.

As you can see, I’m not ashamed or hesitant to share what I’m all about and I hope that my learning will be insightful for you.

Looking forward to your comments afterwards… which one stood out to you?  What did you learn in 2010?

Top 10 Things I Learned About Muscle:

1. Muscle is built in spurts, it’s not a non-stop process.  The best results come from “kicking the life” out of your body for 3-weeks and then taking an easy week before repeating the process.  This formula can be repeated all year round. 

2. My muscle building formula for success:  Take massive action, analyze your results and readjust your approach until you get the results you want.  Repeat.

3. My joints love me since I started mega dosing with fish oils.  In fact, I recommend most people start with 20-30 grams of fish oil for the first 1-4 weeks to reduce inflammation and then bring your dosage down to 10-20 grams a day for maintenance.

4. Intermittent fast days, Sunday 6pm until Monday 6pm, at least 1-2 times a month has become a staple of my bodybuilding lifestyle.  I’ve documented increased sleep quality, increased energy, no loss in muscle, a tighter midsection and greater appreciation for food.

5.   Joel Marion’s 25-Day Extreme Fat Loss Diet is by far the most intense, aggressive and effective way to get super ripped in a short period of time.  I recommend only using it once or twice a year though.

6. Extreme Rush from is officially my favorite pre workout supplement and has replaced my pre workout double espresso.  The focus and intensity I get from this stuff has become addicting and I don’t like to train without it.

7. Hire a trainer, at least once in your life.  Just recently I hired the toughest trainer at my gym that has been introducing me to 1-2 hour workouts at 110% intensity – I now drive to the gym in fear of what he has in store for me.  Here’s how he greets me, “I’m kicking the piss out of you today.”

8. Creating “Team Del Monte” is helping me blow beyond my genetic potential, for a third time, as I’m climbing to 230 pounds for January 1st.  I’ve hired a trainer, massage therapist, ART therapist and a personal nutrition coach (for the first time in my life). You don’t know what you don’t know and each piece of my team is contributing to greater improvement.  I’ve found that to get to new levels, you probably won’t be able to do it alone.

9. Hot Yoga has become my new secret weapon.  After 3-months of regular hot yoga (2-3x a week), I’m finally experiencing improved range of motion, flexibility, alignment, muscular endurance, isometric strength, faster recovery, muscle stability and muscle recruitment.  The only thing I regret about hot yoga is not starting it 10 years ago.

10. There is no definitive answer to anything.  Everyone is different and it’s your responsibility to figure out what works best for your body and what doesn’t.  Text books and programs and coaches are only a starting point.  You’ll only learn the truth about your body by taking action, documenting your results and readjusting your approach.

Top 10 Things I Learned About Manhood:

11. Character is more important than reputation.  Character is who you are when no one is looking.

12. If you are good at something, let people find out on their own. No one appreciates the man who is always talking about his accomplishments. Also, while confidence is a good thing, being cocky is not. I’m still learning the difference :)

13. A man should aspire to be successful, but success should never come at the expense of others or at the expense of compromising one’s standards.  I’ve been challenged with this being a young and very ambitious entrepreneur.

14. Don’t do life alone. Forming a band of brothers and coming along side each other in good times and bad times is what being a man is all about.  Being a man your buddies can count on is one of the greatest satisfactions in the world.

15. Successful people study the lives of other successful people. Likewise, to obtain true masculinity, study the lives of real men. Please don’t emulate the lives of the guys from Jersey Shore.  You were meant for way more.

16. A real man puts his family and friends first – before his technology.  Blackberry’s and iPhones are not going to visit you at your funeral.  (When Flavia and I go on date night, I no longer bring a 3rd wheel… i.e. my Blackberry.  Guys… if you’re on a date with your lady… leave the phone at home… at least try it once :) )

17. If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for everything.  I learned this one from my pops.

18. A real man cares about his physical health and understands that improving his body benefits more than just himself- it inspires his friends, co workers, kids and ensures his wife keeps her hands where they should be – all over him :)

19. Your wife (or future wife) wants you to LEAD HER (at least I think most women want this).  Step up and take charge and show that you’re a man with the plan.  Take responsibility for the growth (or lack of growth) in your relationship.

20. Don’t expect people to just like you for who you are.  Give them reasons to like you.

Top 10 Things I Learned About Marriage:

21. Marriage is like a full frontal mirror!  Everything about you is exposed and you are given an awesome opportunity to address your issues.  Try to view every issue as a way to grow and mature.

22. Don’t sweep any issues under the rug.  Initially you can walk around them but eventually the rug will become so high that it’s going to get addressed.  Avoiding issues is not better than addressing them right away.

23. Learn how to say, “I’m sorry Dear.  I was wrong, you were right.  Will you forgive me?” :)

24. It’s about “Team Del Monte,” not “Team Vince.”  Working as partners, side by side is where it’s at.

25. Get ready to swallow your pride and remain humble, especially when arguing about silly things.  Having a prideful heart will steer you right into a dead end, or a night on the couch!

26. If it bothers her, then listen up.  Marriage has pushed me to be more sensitive and understanding of Flavia’s “buttons.”  Even if it doesn’t make sense, I’m doing my best to respect my wife’s wishes.

27. Distance yourself from couples who complain about their spouses and have unhealthy relationships.  Hang out with couples who are real, in love with each other and have a relationship that you look up to.

28. Continue to do life together.  Flavia and I regularly go to the movies together, workout together, cook together and get dressed up for each other for “hot dates!”  Basically we continue to do the same things that we did that lead us into marriage.

29.  Communication is key! Always make time to talk about the day and what things were encountered, any new goals or disappointments.

30.  Never use the word DIVORCE. No matter what, you always know you are in it FOREVER….the D word isn’t an option.

Top 10 Things I Learned About Money:

31. Weddings are not cheap!  WOW! I highly recommend you don’t go into debt to pay for one.

32.  The more people you serve the more you make.

33. It’s best to pay yourself first.  I continue to set aside my “monthly saving goal” before I pay my bills.  I don’t let my bills bully me around.  I would rather collect a tad of interest rather than hit my personal saving goals.

34. Hang out with friends who make more money than you – if improving your financial situation is important to you.  Hanging out with broke people will only lead you to becoming broke.

35. I shouldn’t and don’t feel guilty going on nice trips or splurging on dinners (that’s my thing). I work my freaking butt off.

36. The more problems and the bigger problems you solve in the world, the more money you make.  Focus on solving a big problem or even a small problem in the world and the moola will follow.

37. Money is a great tool to motivate you to take action.  Dropping a few grand on my trainer has really inspired me to dial in my nutrition.

38. Hanging out with people who’s lives revolve around excess and more more more can be just as dangerous as hanging out with people who are broke.

39. Working harder and longer is not necessarily better but at some point of your success it’ll probably be necessary for a short period of time.  If you only work harder and longer, you’re addicted to work.

40.  Recognize you are blessed- whatever your current situation. There are tragedies all over the world and a good percentage of people are living in a hellish nightmare right now.   Remember that everything you have is a gift from above and that it can be taken away just as quickly as it was given to you.  Maximize and LIVE LARGE with what you have been given.


I hope you enjoyed that….   My thoughts were a little heavier and deeper than last year. I have been doing that every year since 2006 and it’s a very reflective time for me.  I would love to hear which one stood out to you and what you learned in 2010.  Leave your comments below.

Vince Del Monte

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10 Responses to “Top 40 Things Vince Del Monte Learned in 2010”

  1. Matty

    Originally Posted By Vince

    Yeah i am a MYM member, amazing program. I have been using ” How you do anything is how you do everything” for a few years now. It’s from T Harv Ekers. ” The millionaire mind” or me and my fiends call it the ” Billionaire mind”

    Another quote that is so simple yet so profound is.

    ” If a 100 foot oak tree had the mind of a human it would grow 10 feet tall”

    We are our own worst enemies and We limit ourselves in our personal growth. so become aware of how you do anything then you become aware of how you do everything and grow too 200 feet tall.


  2. Mitchell Mims

    The quotes about marriage really clarified what I must have been doing wrong in my past relationship. Thanks Vince. That’s really gonna make me work on those areas.

  3. Amit Sidhwani

    Hi Vince,

    Well, I totally agree with you, one has to experience how his or her body reacts to various exercise and nutrition strategies ! Every body is different and reacts differently to different approaches.

    Certainly, will accommodate Hot Yoga in my exercise regimen on your word.

    Loved the 20th point….- actually stopped there n gave it a deep thought…very meaningful n arousing….yes will make sure to give reasons to people to like me before expecting !!!!

    Point 24, oh yes man its all about Team, family n unity….unity is strength !!!!

    Last point , no. 40…. Is d best one…..there is nothing better than GRATITUDE to be at peace from within…n its so true we all r blessed with one gift or another from almighty and if we acknowledge it and acknowledge it often, surely our life would be much simpler !!!

    If I have to say one thing I have learned in year 2010, it would be following – MIND IS OVER MATTER !!!! Its all in our mind….if we think it…then we can get it n we will get it !!!! So m thinking n Creating !!!

    Thanks for the Insights !!!

    Have Fun

    Amit Sidhwani.

  4. Ken

    Nice one Vince.
    Marriage is meeting that special someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
    I thought you were a bit cocky and full of yourself. I followed some of your chinning advice about starting from a hanging position and I ended up with elbow pain so I put your emails on filter to my archive box. You were one of many to get filtered this year, but you’ll get removed as I like your honesty and I recall your father was a pastor.

  5. Richard

    Marriage is an important one. It should be for the long haul. I’ve been married almost 38 years and still kiss my wife when we part. This was an inspiration to my oldest son (31) who just got engaged and will marry next year. He said he waited until he found the right person because he was only going to do it once and for life. Our actions made an impact on him that will serve him well.
    Richard in California where a 30 day marriage is common.

  6. Albert

    Hey Vince,

    All good – I could comment on many but will just pick out #14 (band of brothers) as I am currently getting my own “band” in shape on Monday mornings – 4 other guys trying to help each other be the best we can be (in our families and businesses etc); and #16 – the digital device thing, am I the only one (besides you) who feel like they are taking over the world and causing people to NOT communicate with one another – good advice on leaving it home on your “date night”. Keep up the excellent work…Alberto

  7. Vince

    @Peter. Your girl is going to love you for that one! Don’t feel bad if you have to schedule it once a week either… if it doesn’t get planned it doesn’t get done.

  8. Peter

    Your list honestly had a huge effect on me. It made me examine my life and question some of my actions. I’ve always been a firm believer in #11.
    #27 is very important for couples. Others negativity gets the best of us sooner or later. Negativity is like trash, you wouldn’t let someone dump their trash cans in your house so why let them bring their negativity towards their life and spouse into your mind?
    #28 Inspired me to start taking my GF out more and getting dressed up. With the craziness of life it’s easy to get into a routine of staying in.

    Thank you Vince once again you’ve inspired me!

  9. Busy Man Fitness

    Awesome post Vince.

    Interestingly, I think many of us can connect with nearly every point unless there are single guys out there who haven’t had to deal with the relationship aspect yet.

    Definitely #36 and #40 stick out in my mind.

  10. Brandon Cook

    You are one smart cookie and a good guy to have as a “virtual” mentor! Although I was glad to meet you in person at the Fitness Info Summit 2009. My challenge has always been overcoming my bad habits and reprogramming my mind for success. I think this is the MOST challenging part for many people.

    Your rapid success has been an inspiration to me and a challenge to get my own sh!! together. I think you represent what is possible when you have a strong belief in yourself and your mission.

    Keep rockin it in 2011!