Top 3 Nutrition Mistakes Costing You Muscle Gains [video]

Top 3 Nutrition Mistakes Costing You Muscle Gains

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Pretty serious content, right?!

As always, I welcome and anticipate your feedback so leave any comments or questions below.

Vince Del Monte

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10 Responses to “Top 3 Nutrition Mistakes Costing You Muscle Gains [video]”

  1. sid

    gr8 info….Thanks for the informartion..u guys really care for what you preach and thats why I see such gr8 information being shared with viewers.. give some information on the topic which Kyle mentioned fat around the lower abs how to burn them off…

  2. Henrik Nilsson

    How often do you eat? every 3rd hour? 5 times a day?

  3. joey

    hey nice vid,
    can you please upload the vids in youtube more? otherwhise it laggs too much

  4. Bok

    Vince, thanks for doing these videos.. It is cool to have it so soon in our inbox – almost like being there ourselves. Appreciate the thoughts you guys brought up.

  5. ChrisW

    Kyles a nice dude – was quite a cool video. But im like Intermediate/advanced bodybuilder and I just guess what i eat. I eat clean but i don’t count calories or keep a food diary. Can you talk about efficient ways to track progress and make changes please. Thanks

  6. Jim

    Thanks Vince, I wish I was there with you with my biggest heros(Vine, Dave, Nick, and Lee)!!! Love the lines on the side of your head. It that style coming back? LOL!!!!!

  7. Hceux

    Vince, next time, move your lapel microphone to below your mouth, not by your neck. That would improve the sound of your voice and cut down with the background noise. As where it was positioned, it’s picking up a lot more background noise than is necessary.

  8. Ironfreak

    Awesome video! nutrition is the main key people have trouble following. most people want the easy way out and that is what leads to no results! good stuff vince and kyle! it should be no-nonsense/no-bs six pack!

  9. daniel beard

    Awesome ! I agree with the comments.
    Need to find my a Nutritionist now :P

  10. Chris

    Good advice guys. Kyle reminds me of the actor Jon Hamm, from Mad Men and The Town. lol