The mental approach to Muscle Building – Part 1

If you have already managed to accomplish something you’ve always wanted to do, you know how amazing the feeling is on the verge of success. Have you ever taken the time to rewind the video to see how you have reached your goal?

Building strong muscles and cut your body fat may seem like one of those goals that are inaccessible to a great extent. The reason it is difficult is precisely because you have not linked to your experience of building muscle to something you’ve already accomplished. It is important to build an anchor to your past successes and connect with your current activities of muscle building.

How can you use your past success to succeed in building mass and strength bodybuilding? You must follow the steps below:

Create an anchor to activate your
goals Start with a plan for your workouts, your selections meals and rest periods Action. Once you establish what you need to do to get success, you need to develop successful anchors. That calls for taking consistent action.

In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) the anchor is a physical experience that triggers a sense or memory of a past event or the associated emotion. It is like hearing a familiar song that brings feelings of a past relationship or association.

You can develop with practice anchors that require positive feelings resourceful. You then associate those feelings went with something that must be done to succeed in your current objective. Let’s say you need to get up and swim every Tuesday morning at 5:00.

You may like to swim, but you can not love getting up at 5:00, so you’ll develop positive anchors the law of swimming, 5 h. For example, when you are in love and the object of our affection is calling you to go to them, there is generally no hesitation to take action.

Think about a time when you were totally enjoy your swimming session. Relax and recreate the feelings, the environment, sounds and smells of the experience. When you feel the height of your swimming experience, close your left hand into a fist and open your right hand. Rapidly bring them together and say out loud. YES! Do it again and say YES! Do it with all the emotion you can muster. YES! Once you reach the peak state, let go of the anchor and stop the action. You want to anchor the top of your emotion; you’ll want to pass the anchor when the feeling starts to fade.

Feel the essential emotion of your most successful swimming session and letting the feeling wash over you. At the peak of the experience, make punch, taking the measures and again say YES! You can develop sound anchors, visual anchors, or a combination. Create an anchor point using your five senses and you will have a powerful tool to motivate you to take action now.

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