The Help-Hurt Rule for Fat Loss & Muscle Building Success

You’re about to learn the #1 technique that will reveal why you are in complete control of how your body looks and if you apply this one technique diligently and consistently than you’ll end up with the best body of your life.

The Help-Hurt Rule for Fat Loss & Muscle Building Success

We’ve all been there.  The countdown to firm up your body, trim the fat and drop those last 10 pounds before a big event.

Let’s assume that you have 2 weeks until you have to get ready for [insert the name of your big event here] and you’ve been working harder than ever to achieve the look you want.  On top of your workouts, you are doing your best to make sure your diet and nutrition is right on target.  There’s no room for thoughtless decisions this close your deadline.  How do you achieve that goal in a healthy way?

Enter The Help-Hurt Rule! - This rule works extremely well when you’re working against a deadline whether your a beginner or seasoned workout warrior.  Whether you’re trying to build muscle, stay motivated or lose fat for that special event…this rule is extremely powerful and realistic.

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