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Timing Your Nutrition Around The 3 Critical Workout Windows

Exercise is just one part of building solid muscle. Failure to supply your body with the proper nutrition at the proper time will leave you constantly struggling to reach your goals. Click here to learn how I went from a skinny guy and packed on pounds of solid muscle. Tweet

The Toughest 15 Minute Muscle Building Workout Ever

Serious about packing on quality muscle size with just four 15-minute workouts a week? The 6-12-25 Workout is designed for individuals seeking maximal muscular development by trashing the Type 11b, Type 11a and Type 1 muscle fibers in one giant 43-rep set. Warning: This is not for anyone with less than one year of consistent […]

Skinny Guy Workout – Workout For Skinny Guys

Skinny guys have been lead to believe they need to train longer to build big muscles. The reality is that skinny guys need to train less and eat more. Skinny guys must approach building muscle the same way they would approach getting a sun tan. The Sun Tan Analogy Skinny Guys Must Understand Before Working […]

Maximal Body Molding Workout – For Friends of Ben Pakulski

Welcome to my “world”! If this is your first time here, again, in my best Godfather voice, “Welcome to the family!” As you probably know, Ben was The Man who dialed me in for four fitness model shows in 2011 and while he’s been helping take my body to an entirely new level, I’ve been […]

24/7 Fat Loss Workout – Day 1 of Advanced Version

       Advanced 24-7 Fat Loss Workouts Main Program – Phase 1 – Day 1 – Workout A Do 1 warm-up set with 50% of regular weight for exercises 1A-1C. 1A) DB Reverse Lunge – 8 reps per side (2-0-1) B) DB Chest Press – 8 reps (3-0-1) C) DB Row -8 reps per […]