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Stock Update (NASDAQ: CPRx): Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Announces Fourth

Stock Update (NASDAQ: CPRx): Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Announces Fourth … “As we look to the submission of an NDA for Firdapse ™ this year, we continue to build our business infrastructure with the search for Firdapse ™ expansion opportunities to help patients beyond the indication LEMS. We continue to advance … read more Smarter Analyst Gaspereau […]

Hypertrophy Bootcamp: Day 1 Update

Day 1 of the 5 Day Hypertrophy Bootcamp, East Greenwich, Rhode Island! Instructors: Charles Poliquin Ben Pakulski Derek Woodske Ryan Fanley Welcome to my daily report of the 2012 Hypertrophy Bootcamp!  Here’s how we were greeted: “Over the next five days you’re going to learn FIFTEEN (15) hypertrophy methods.  Each day we’ll train three times […]

Hypertrophy Bootcamp: Day 2 Update

Day 2 Report from Charles Poliquin’s 5-Day Hypertrophy Bootcamp in Rhode Island The nickname for Day 2 was Dropping The Hammer of Doom on the Lower Body! When it was announced my team of three would be doing three quad dominant workouts in one day I thought, “How is that even possible?”  Especially when you’re […]

Hypertrophy Bootcamp: Day 3 Update

After yesterdays three quad workouts, getting out of bed this morning fight like an Olympic event. After todays three arm workouts, I will be shocked if I have the ability to style my hair tomorrow morning! We covered three different hypertrophy protocols for arm training while emphasizing multiple angles on the strength curve to reach the […]

Fast Mass Update #9: Fast Action Bonus for Day 1 Orders ONLY

Fast Mass Update #9: FINAL UPDATE Fast Action Bonus: Day 1 Orders Only! The Bonus – If you order today (and today only), you will be given access to a 12-Month Periodization (Planning) Calendar where Lee Hayward and Vince Del Monte will layout your next 12-months of workouts! We’ll teach you how to space out […]