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The Single MOST Unrated Supplement?

If I HAD to choose ONE “muscle building” supplement and ONE supplement only, what would it be? Creatine? BCAA? Beta-alanine? Protein? Arginine? Glutamine? All AMAZING muscle building supplement products but none of them match my TOP PICK: GREENS! (Fish oils would be a super close second). I believe green drinks are the single most unrated […]

Recommended Greens Nutrition Supplement

  In yesterdays blog I shared the SINGLE most underrated supplement… GREENS! I mix 1-2 scoops in with my protein powder immediately after I train to reverse┬áthe catabolic environment… ==>┬áRead more about the specific greens supplement I use I received a lot of questions and thought I would go straight to Registered┬áDietitian Jayson Hunter, the […]