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What You Don’t Know About Testosterone (High Testosterone = Low Body Fat)

The male hormone testosterone helps you get jacked. The higher your levels of it, the more jacked and leaner you’ll be In this article we’ll discuss how to boost your test levels naturally and with the help of legal supplements.  By Vince Del Monte   Whether you’re a recreational lifter or hardcore bodybuilder, regardless of […]

The World’s Hardest High Protein Low Carb Diet In The World

Warning: This is officially the hardest diet I have created and you will ever get access too.  Read on to see if you’re up for the challenge to take on The World’s Hardest Diet. Fact: a hard diet will create a hard man. Who has the hardest bodies in the world? Competitive bodybuilders. No other […]

Top 4 High Protein Muscle Building Foods

Choosing the best high protein foods is a key principle of the bodybuilding lifestyle. Protein is responsible for muscle growth, repair, creation of hormones and forming neurotransmitters in the brain. Your body craves the amino acids from protein after a hard work and your bodies growth is dependent on dedication to supplying your body with […]