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Shanahan right-no more excuses for Leafs

more excuses not entitled to Shanahan Leafs Leafs fans heard pre & amp; quot; This time we will build the right path & amp; quot; – But this was the first time Shanahan. He flexed his muscle with the mass shootings of a general manager, coaches and scouts. He did not have to say & […]

No excuses … All it takes is 10-Minutes

No excuses … All it takes is 10-Minutes But do not worry, there is a simple solution. Studies show that as little as one day block 10 minutes of exercise is all it takes to start reaping rewards such as weight loss, less stress, increased muscle mass and flexibility, prevention injuries and more … read […]

Turn Five Negative Excuses To Positive Reasons For Your Perfect Physique

On Friday I posed this question on my Fan Page and promised I would reply with my response to each excuse/reason that is holding you back with a positive manner.  I think you’ll find this article extremely eye-opening and game changing.  We received 102 responses and you can get a snap shot of what was […]