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Muscle Building Diet

discovering the benefits of a muscle Diet Building Many have discovered the benefits of a muscle building diet and how effective it is to get into great physical shape . This type of diet is not so much about losing weight, but fat loss. It is a body weight of the re-determination so to speak. […]

How To Customize Your Own Muscle Building Diet

How To Customize Your Own Muscle Building Diet By Vince Del Monte Before customizing your own muscle building diet, your general goal should be to gain a half-pound to two pounds of muscle each week.  That is two to four pounds of muscle each month. To accomplish this weight increase, you will need to gradually […]

Muscle Building Diet Plan To Gain 10-Pounds In 4-Weeks

Gaining 10 pounds of muscle is not the easiest task in the world but it’s definitely not the hardest task either. Adding a deadline of 4-weeks make the task more challenging but absolutely realistic. The key is to apply diligence and discipline to your the muscle building diet plan and raise your intensity  when you […]

The World’s Hardest High Protein Low Carb Diet In The World

Warning: This is officially the hardest diet I have created and you will ever get access too.  Read on to see if you’re up for the challenge to take on The World’s Hardest Diet. Fact: a hard diet will create a hard man. Who has the hardest bodies in the world? Competitive bodybuilders. No other […]

Muscle Building Diet (Without Getting Fat)

A muscle building diet is not your normal diet. It’s designed to help you gain weight using a lot of protein rich foods (which are not always cheap food sources). Yes, muscle building diets are not normal. Note: The proper definition of a diet refers to the food choices you make on a daily basis. […]