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My Complete Opinion On Fast Days & Fat Loss…

My Complete Opinion On Fast Days & Fat Loss… By Vince Del Monte Just like any other training or diet tool, fast days are simply another tool in your tool box for building your house. Are fast days necessary to lose fat and “shape” your home? It depends. Note: My definition of a fast day is […]

10 Strange Reasons I’m Competing On Stage + My 9 Days Out Pic

10 Strange Reasons I Decided To Get On Stage & Compete at Brian Cannone’s Fitness Atlantic Championships This Saturday April 16th in Connecticut If it’s been said before, it’s been said 937 times – if you want to succeed, you are going to have to take chances. Take the turtle for example. Poor creature moves […]

FREE MP3 Interview: Gain 12 Pounds of Pure Muscle In 21 Days ?

FREE MP3 Interview! “How To Gain Up To 12 Pounds Of Pure Muscle In 21 Days Using The Anabolic Amplifier Effect!” YOURS FREE! Click the graphic above to listen in or download this information packed, 90-minute audio interview to any MP3 Player.  Fitness authority John Romaniello interviews Lee Hayward and Vince Del Monte, “The Fast […]

5 Things You Must Know About Treat Days

5 Things You Must Know About Treat Days By Vince Del Monte In continuation with the Holiday Themed articles, I want to introduce my personal insights about cheat days or treat days as I prefer to call them.  Not only is it Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter coming up but it’s also my 31st Birthday on […]