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The 6 Best Chest Exercises For Mass & Definition

Best Chest Exercise #1: Bench Press Step 1 – Shove your fee through the floor when pressing upward. Step 2 – Keep your wrists straight, not flexed or extended. Step 3 – Take a grip slightly outside of shoulder width. Step 4 – Lower the weight slower than press. Step 5 – Apply inward intention […]

How To Build Chest Muscles Using In-Set Supersets

How To Build Chest Muscles Using In-Set Supersets Brought to you by Vince Del Monte & Nick Nilsson aka The Mad Muscle Scientist How To Build Chest Muscles – 10 Additional Strategies From Fitness Model Vince Del Monte I don’t know one beginning bodybuilder who doesn’t want a button-busting chest or a chest that resembles […]

Extended Sets For Chest, Back, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps and Core

I totally forgot that last summer when I attended Arnel Ricafranca’s wedding, we filmed some killer advanced muscle building tricks for you in his garage. This is info that has never been seen and that we were going to charge for but since my hair is not styled and I look like I just woke […]