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Muscle Building

For starters, the traditional three meals a day with snacks in between inevitable given somewhere in 2000-2500 calories. Almost no one “weak hearted” lover, sitting on such a system are not able to build a decent mass. So if you train exactly in line with my requirements, good sleep, live stress free and yet not […]

Home Building – Whoa! First Things First – What You Must Do Before Getting this quote

Ready to build your dream home? How do you get the dream to the bottom line … the cost to get there? I can certainly sympathize with you in your desire to know what a home building (or renovation) project will cost before you get too far in your planning. After all, you do not […]

The mental approach to Muscle Building – Part 1

If you have already managed to accomplish something you’ve always wanted to do, you know how amazing the feeling is on the verge of success. Have you ever taken the time to rewind the video to see how you have reached your goal? Building strong muscles and cut your body fat may seem like one […]

Muscle Building From Within

Arnold Schwarzenegger said: “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can consider the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent. “ The emphasis is on the physical act among those trying to build muscle fast that the mental side of the […]

Muscle Building Mistake #7 – Neglecting Tempo & Tension

  Tempo is easily the most neglected training variable — and one you can’t afford to ignore if you want to build serious muscle mass. I suspect the reason it’s neglected is because tempo is also the least understood of the strength-training variables (when compared to rest, sets, reps etc). Tempo is another tool, just […]