No Nonsense Q and Eh with Vince Del Monte

No Nonsense Q and Eh with Vince Del Monte

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I want to hear about how you got so huge recently!  I love Tom Venuto and he talks about his experiences, good and bad, and what were most useful.  I want the same from you.  Can you share more of your pictures and stages of growth with us?

Absolutely and I appreciate your candid feedback.  Ever since May 2006 I have conducted my online fitness business different than many fitness professionals. I’m not saying I’m better, just different.  I truly believe that to endorse a program the endorser should have tried it himself, documented results, share pros and cons and give an honest assessment of what they liked and didn’t like.  Whenever I release a new program it has to do with one of my personal transformations to prove that I’m not just throwing some random, untested product together.

No Nonsense Muscle Building is the program I used to go from 149 pounds to 190 pounds, a gain of 41 pounds of muscle in 24 weeks.

Your Six Pack Quest is the program I used to drop 23 pounds of fat in 10 weeks and compete at the World Fitness Model Championships in 2008.

Maximize Your Muscle in a series of monthly workouts I used to go from 190 pounds to 210 pounds.

Currently I’m on a quest for 230 pounds (I’m 7 pounds away) for January 1st and that program will be released in January 2011!  This is my way of maintaining my credibility and trust with my readers.  I would never ask you to do something that I personally have not tried myself.  Will you get the same results as me?  Who knows… you might get better, worse or the same.

I hope to be sharing some new pics with you in the very near future.  Plus I”m very serious about competing in 2011 and would like to become a Pro Muscle Model so I’m figuring out which show I should compete in for early 2011.  You need to know that I don’t lower my standards and back off, I keep going hard and I expect you to keep up with me :)

If you plan on competing in 2011, I would love to know which show and when. Share below.

I am always reading your news letters and I think you are awesome. I am wanting to know if you by chance train people for figure competitions through email,phone or online? I competed last year on a figure competition in Okinawa japan and I loved the way my body transformed within 1yr, I am wanting to compete again but the personal trainer I had moved and I can’t seem to find the right person to help me with my training. Please let me know if you are able to help me, if so how is it possible?? Oh and of course your fee. ;)

Currently all my 1-1 coaching is done via Maximize Your Muscle and I don’t think I’m re opening that until January 2011 or April 2011.  If you’re looking for 1-1 attention, like custom diet and custom training then I would recommend you to one of three people:  Joel Marion, John Romaniello or Ben Pakulski.  They all offer 1-1 coaching and this is a service I have not set up yet but plan on offering high end coaching ($300-$500 a month) at some point in early 2011.  Google search all three of these guys, let me know who you’re interested in and I’ll put you in contact.  If you live in the Hamilton, ON area then you are more than welcome to join me for a workout at my home gym, free of charge.  That offer stands for anyone who lives in the GTA area.

THE FOLLOWING 3 QUESTIONS ARE FROM ONE GUY… My response are broken up:

So you gained 20lbs lean muscle mass in 1 month and overall 41 lbs in 6 months from starting training?! Yeah, because that’s believable.

Thanks for this question and I’m going to reply to all your criticisms in detail.  Ready?!

First off, most of conventional wisdom about muscular growth is DEAD WRONG and as I read this question I thought, “The good old Internet.  How far we haven’t come.”  First off, this is just one of the hundreds of similar comments I ve received on my transformation but the facts remain: I gained 21 pounds of lean muscle in one month and the remaining 20 pounds over the next 5 months.  I did it without steroids and only using three supplements (protein powder, multi and creatine).  As a side fact, back in 2002 I didn’t even know what steroids were (I was pretty naive).  My total time in the gym each week: 3-4 hours. Max.

I honestly think the biggest advantage I had coming into my transformation was my lack of education on “limits”, “genetics” and “normal rates of muscle growth.”  I never read any of that info before I started so I really  had no idea what was possible.

After my transformation I actually didn’t even know if my results were poor, average or great.  Other people told me they were “really good” and I was like, “Cool.”  I’m not trying to brag, I’m just showing the power of not setting barriers in your mind before you begin.

Interestingly, if you talk to Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) and Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) they would tell you the same thing: they had no idea what was possible or impossible and look what they went on to create!  I strongly recommend you don’t read literature that tells you what you can and can’t do.  Seriously, what benefit do you receive by reading a text book on “genetic limits”?  I know I have a few articles on “realistic muscle growth” and those are general numbers – no one is confined to them

But let’s say that this is true, and you did manage to do something which not even the most gifted bodybuilder could achieve at his peak, you then turn round and tell people that they shouldn’t take advice from someone who is genetically gifted, and instead listen to you, ‘skinny vinny’ the hardgainer with ‘really poor’ genetics who manages to achieve muscle gains that are physically impossible and unheard of!

First off, you can’t compare me to a genetically gifted bodybuilder because that’s not fair.  When I started lifting I was no where close to my genetic limits.  I was completely brand new and had spent the past ten years of my life running 60-100 miles a week, not eating properly and never lifting weights so my genetic potential for bodybuilding was literally untapped.

A guy like Jay Cutler, one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world who’s been training for over 15 years is going to grow muscle at a much slower rate because he’s closer to his genetic potential.  So your comparison of my results to a genetically gifted bodybuilders is a invalid argument that has no legs to support itself.

Finally, I strongly recommend you start looking for people who have achieved results like me (You’ll meet many guys here on my own blog… students of mine) to remove this limiting belief of yours.  How do you destroy a limiting belief?  Find proof in the real world that disproves it.

Remember the story about Roger Bannister, the first men ever to break the insurmountable 4 minute mile barrier, the Mount Everest of athletics.   Doctors and running experts said it was IMPOSSIBLE but determination, and persistence made Bannisters dream into reality.  Since then, almost 17 seconds have been shaved off Bannister’s record.

Within three years, by the end of 1957, 16 other runners also cracked the four minute mile.

So what happened to the physical barrier that prevented humans from running the four minute mile? Was there a sudden leap in human evolution? No. It was the change in thinking that made the difference, Bannister had shown that breaking four minute mile was possible. Often the barriers we perceived are only barriers in our own minds. Previous runners had been held back by their beliefs and mindsets. When the barrier was broken other runners saw that is was possible and then 16 runners went on to do they same.  I m confident that you can build more than 41 pounds of muscle in 6 months, just like I did.

It is guys like you that are the problem for people wanting to change the way they look. Guys like you that are there to spout some lies in order to make money quick of people who could probably do with a break. Writing exaggerated stories claiming to have the ‘magic pill’ when at the end of the day it is hard-work that gets results, and you know this!

First off, if I was just about money I would probably not be in a health publisher, I would be creating crappy supplements for $1 and selling them for $50!  I’m glad you recognize hard work is what gets results.  If you’re in my town, hit me up and we can do a workout together and I’ll redefine your definition of hardwork.

On a side note, it’s not always about hard work.  Sometimes its more important to focus on different work or smarter work.  All those elements combined are what gets results.  I’m sure you know a lot of guys who can work hard but have nothing to show for it?  That applies to all areas of life too… Got to take an intelligent path to building muscle which is what I teach.

Thanks for not holding back on me.  Your questions keep me sharp.


Don’t forget we’re celebrating my 31st Birthday at for the next 72 hours. For Tuesday only, there is FREE shipping and handling on any orders to anywhere in the world!  This is literally the biggest and last sale of 2010.  Don’t miss out!

Need a question answered?  post it below.

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4 Responses to “No Nonsense Q and Eh with Vince Del Monte”

  1. Antanas

    Wow, Vince great post with some good info. I love how you responded to that guy. Because seriously: ” First you gotta believe it if you wanna achieve it.” That’s definitely my motto, everything is possible if you truly want it.

  2. Luciano

    I guess that guy raising those questions hasn’t looked deep enough to see that vince is no shyster and actually really walks the talk, and hasn’t met those of us who are being transformed by tools and ideas you are providing.
    Stay sharp Vinny through critique.

  3. Tpaul

    Nice job, Vince! Great to see you being respectable and honest and not letting critics get you down, but still responding to them and holding nothing back. It’s good to see someone who I already know is in the right answer their skeptics and critics in such an honest and respectable way. Keep up the great work, and don’t ever stop telling people that there are no limits. That’s what the world needs to hear, even if some people aren’t ready for it. It’s the truth, and it’s the only way people are going to change their lives – if they have a radical mindset shift to believe that anything is possible.

    Thanks again Vince for all that you do. This was a great post! Keep it up!

  4. Virginia

    Wooaa, OMG, this dude is crazy…It’s hilarious though, not everything can be candies and roses, right? And Vince is right, it’s people like this that keep it alive.