No Nonsense Muscle Building Transformation of the Week: Tony Gregory

Success Story, May 2010: Tony Gregory, Gahanna, Ohio

You may remember Tony from a few weeks ago because he was the most recent 12-week transformation contest winner.  Here’s what he said about his muscle up transformation:

“After being told that I could not run for five weeks, my cross country season had come to an end.  I became interested again in lifting weights and bulking up.  So I did some research and came across Vince Del Monte’s name.  It turns out he was also a runner and transformed his body drastically in a short amount of time.  I became inspired and my desire to have a better body kept me determined to reach my goals.  I worked out hard for 4 days a week ( 2 upper body, 2 lower body) no longer than 90 minutes at a time and tried to limit my cardio.  I took in a massive 4,000-6,000 calories daily until I reached my goal…(I’m still not there yet…want to get up to 190-”solid muscle” after Track Season).

Anyway, my strength gains were tremendous when I followed Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building workouts and the changes that took place have made me more confident in myself. After this transformation, I have realized that in the future, I am very interested in a career exercise and  nutrition —Thanks for being an inspiration Vince…you’ve changed my life forever. Now I am a member of the 2010 Gahanna Lincoln Track Team (running healthy at 156 pounds, and looking to compete in the 1-mile run).”

No-Nonsense-Muscle-Building-Body-Transformation-107 pounds No-Nonsense-Muscle-Building-Body-Transformation-156 pounds

Vince: As a high long distance runner yourself, how many miles do you figured you averaged a week before getting into the bodybuilding?

Tony: Before I got into a serious weight training program, I averaged about 40-50 miles per week.  I was an avid distance runner and really enjoyed it.  But a devastating stress fracture had put an early end to my cross country season, and I wanted to put on some muscle and participate in Track & Field at a healthier weight.

Vince: Why were you inspired to get a better body?

Tony: My inspiration came after viewing Vince’s transformation and I thought to myself, “WOW we have a lot in common, and I can do this too.”  After seeing results very quickly with Vince’s program, the inspiration to concentrate on my goals came naturally.  Because I was seeing positive results in my appearance, I WANTED to go the gym, I WANTED to get stronger, and most of all I WANTED a better body.

Vince: What was your skinniest weight and how old were you at the time?

Tony: Sadly, my skinniest weight during high school was a mere 107 pounds during my sophomore year.  I had a passion for running that could not be described in words.  It really made me feel better and allowed me to release my personal struggles with stress.  I did not take in enough calories to maintain a healthy weight and it was a very depressing time in my life.

Vince: How much do you weigh today and how much of your gains were muscle?

Tony: Today, I currently weight a healthy 156 pounds and just about all of it is muscle.  My body fat percentage is about 6%.  Vince’s video coaching lessons really gave helpful insight to the key components of gaining MUSCLE, not fat.

Vince: Did you cut out your cardio completely when you got into weight training?

Tony: No, I definitely did not cut out my cardio completely during my mass-gaining phase.  I learned that while you don’t want to burn extra calories by doing cardio at a steady pace for long periods of time that there really is a way t o incorporate it into a way to help your gains in muscle.  I did interval cardio training at least twice a week (mostly 3 times a week) for about 20-30 minutes on my off days.  It minimized any caloric expendature that would hinder my gains, kept my heart healthy, and helped to ensure that I was not gaining unwanted pounds of fat.

Vince: How did you afford to pay for 4000-6000 calories a day when you decided to bulk up?

Tony: While bulking up does require that more money be put into the food you buy, it does not have to be expensive.    A lot of times people think that bulking up requires countless trips to the local supplement store.  Well, I learned this was the wrong thing to do in a hurry after wasting my money on supplements that emloyees at stores like GNC would convince me to buy.

I really only go to supplement stores (Which are EXTREMELY overpriced) maybe once per month when I need to stock up on some protein powder…other than that I just try looking for the generic brands of WHOLE FOODS in the grocery store (which really are the same quality as those name brand companies).

Vince: Did you have any secrets in increasing your calories without getting fat?

Tony: As far as “not getting fat,” I think that a lot of times people will use the excuse “I’m on my bulk” or something along those lines to get away with eating the unhealthy process foods (fast food, candy etc.).  I look at every single food I eat and ask myself “Will this food have a positive effect on my current goals?”  If the answer is yes, then I’m safe…but If It’s a no, I won’t.  Again, it’s probably to treat yourself to your favorite junk food every once in a while, I mean, we’re all human…just do not make it a daily routine.

Vince: What’s your favorite part about being more muscular and bigger than before?

Tony: My favorite part about being bigger than I was before is the many comments and questions I get about my physique.  It’s really cool because people are starting to ask me what I did to build muscle, and I love giving helpful advice to others.

Vince: What is the number mistake skinny guys are making in the gym to build muscle?

Tony: It’s as simple as this: “NOT ENOUGH CALORIES!!” the average skinny guy doesn’t know what the expression “a lot of food” means.  They may think they’re eating enough, but they’re not.  If they are not seeing results, increase the calories (healthy ones of course).  It takes a diet rich in protein (30-35% of calories), complex carbs (45-50% of calories), and healthy fats (20-25% of calories) to see positive results.

Vince: What is your number one piece of advice to a young high school guy who wants to build muscle fast?

Tony: To any young high school guy who wants to pack on muscle quickly, I believe need to stay on top of their nutrition.Considering the countless fast food industries available today and the unhealthy eating habits of the average teenager, nutrition will definitely be their biggest obstacle, and I believe it is by far the most important aspect of gaining healthy muscle.


Since Tony won the transformation, he’s gained another 9 pounds in 14 days of muscle mass after his track season ended!  I can’t imagine how big Tony gets once he hangs up his running spikes for good!

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In the meantime, send Tony your congratulations and ask him any more questions you would like to know.

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