No Nonsense Muscle Building Transformation of the Week: Phil Smith

Success Story, May 2010:  Phil Smith, Grove City, Ohio

You may remember Phil as one of the recent 12-week transformation contest winners.  Here’s what he had to say after his first transformation:

“With 3 months of total dedication I went from 155 lbs and 13% fat to 182 lbs and 7% fat. A gain of 15 lbs of muscle and lost of 8 lbs of fat. I have made the best gains of my entire life, and it has changed my outlook on life in general.

I have so much more confidence in myself, when I’m around my friends, and more importantly, around women. My transformation has changed me as a person, not only physically, but mentally as well. My change as even impacted the people around me, and has inspired them to make life changing goals.”


Just recnetly Phil sent me another email update as I encouraged him to send me new pictures every 12-weeks.  As you can, Phil has packed on even more muscle and I’m sure he’s only hit the tip of the iceberg.

I asked Phil if we could explore his success story further with an email interview and he agreed.  Find out how Phil packed on an additional 12 pounds of muscle in his second 12-weeks of using my muscle building program.


Vince: When did you begin working out with weights and did it stunt your growth in any way?

Phil: I started at age 14, but wasn’t serious about it until 16.  I’m now 6′4″, 195lbs with 5.5% body fat, and no one in my family is over 6 feet tall.  I think it did the complete opposite of stunting my growth!

Vince: Who or what was your motivation to work out with weights?

Phil: My motivation was anyone that told me I couldn’t do it.

Vince: What was the worst thing about being skinny?  What did you hate the most?

Phil: I just hated being the scrawny weakling.  I didn’t get any respect when it came to strength or physical activity.  But the worst was taking off the shirt around other people.

Vince: What was the “trigger” that made you say, “I’m packing on muscle!”

Phil:  I was cut from the basketball team my freshman year in high school.  After tryouts I talked to the coach in private to ask why.  I was told that I was to skinny and wouldn’t be able to handle the big men down low.  That about did it for me.

Vince:  How did you stay motivated during your transformation?

Phil: My motivation came from my constant results and compliments.  After hitting a plateau, I lost results, which means I lost motivation.  I quit working out after this, until I stumbled onto your (Vince) program.  You (Vince) gave me the tools and motivation to start again and to look like I do today.  Ohh..and entering transformation contests to win $1000 is pretty good motivation too :)

Vince: What is the #1 mistake skinny guys are making in the gym?

Phil: I’m not sure if it is #1, but people’s reliance on magical supplements bugs me the most.  I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked ”What are you on?”  Vince made a good point by saying, “If all those supplements actually helped you reach your goals like they promised, then there would be no need for the supplements anymore.”  Don’t waste your money on supplements…I didn’t…

Vince: What is your number one piece of nutrition advice for gaining muscle without fat?

Phil: Stick to your nutrition plan.  What you put in your body directly reflects your results.  Also, don’t stray from fats completely.  You need essential fats such as nuts, olive oil, and natural peanut butter in order to keep your body fat low.

Vince: Is it necessary to have a training partner or can you build muscle alone?

Phil: You don’t absolutely need one, but it definately helps.  Having a partner with similar goals will keep you motivated as you reach your goals together.  It also helps to have a trustworthy spotter when you are training to failure, and with Vince’s…you will train to failure :)

Vince: Are you a supplement user and how do you decide what to budget your money on?

Phil: I am not a big supplement user.  They are just not necessary.  Although I do use a basic protein powder for convenience and to add that extra bit of protein in my diet.

Vince: What tips or tricks have you picked up along the way that helped you gain another 12 pounds of muscle?

Phil: When you hit a plateau, and you will, remember its not the end!  Hitting a plateau means you need to step it up.  Whether it be increasing your caloric intake, increasing your weights, or increasing your intensity in any way.  INCREASE and don’t give up!

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In the meantime, send Phil your congratulations and ask him any more questions you would like to know.

Vince Del Monte

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