New Sneak Peak Video of Live Large TV Season 2!

Before you start watching Episode 1, Season 2 of Live Large TV I need your help to ensure Season 2 is all about YOU.

I want to know what kind of training, nutrition, supplement, muscle building, fat loss and motivation info you want most.  I’ve already filmed half a dozen episodes based on feedback from Season 2 and as I continue I would like to know what topics you would like me to focus on.

Here’s the question I’ll ask you: What ONE problem do you need solved to get you past your current physique and into an improved body?

I’m looking for overlapping themes/problems and those will be the focal point of many of the episodes.

I’m here to SERVE YOU.

Let me know how I can HELP you below.  Looking forward to reading your response.

On your team


10 Responses to “New Sneak Peak Video of Live Large TV Season 2!”

  1. muhammad

    hey vince looking forward to season 2!!!!!! I would like to continue to get information on gainning weight i am also a hard gainner!Thanks Vince Muhammad

  2. Troy

    Hey Vince, it seems like every time I cut down to a certain size (less body fat, but don’t know the %) I get injured. It’s happened to me 3 times now. Is there anyway to fix this?

  3. Marie

    Hi Vince, I’m super excited that Live Large TV is back! I think it’s an AMAZING source of motivation and wisdom for all fitness addicts like myself…
    As for my wishes for the new season, I’d love to see you speak a little more about how to make my cardio sessions more FUN (I absolutely dread them like most people)…Maybe you could create a “supersweat circuit” to replace machine cardio once in a while? And I’d also love to know what kind of cardio music gets you pumped! Thanx, you rock ;)

  4. Shawn Sidelinger

    Season 1 was very good motivation. Without a coach or friends to push me, I find it really hard to stay motivated. You helped me lose 20 stubborn pounds of fat. I’d love to see motivation in each episode. So far awesome work. Besides motivation… Diet tips.

  5. Peter

    Help me calculate & make my own meal plan.

  6. ANDY

    In the New season i would like to see INFOMATION Not so much you talking to people , like the Guy from the UK.
    If you have to do that cant you edit it. Hard facts about all forms of training, food, sleep supplements.
    Keep up the good work and congrats on getting your goals. PS dont charge for this info.

  7. Masterjock

    Wassup Vince?

    I have enjoyed every episode of season 1 so I am looking forward to season two. For me, every eight weeks I switch exercises to assist my body in growing more muscular and toned. I have used some of yours as well as others and a combination of yours with others so I would like to have some new items to add to my daily/weekly workout regiment to keep my body guessing and growing.

  8. Bobby

    Hey vince. I see a lot of guys with decent bodies just going about semi hard. I want you to talk about how to really truly bring the intensity up another notch, when you think you can’t go on or do another rep you dig down and pull out MORE!.

  9. Carlos M

    Hey Vinny,

    I know season 2 will be even better! I really enjoyed season 1 of Live Large, the information you gave us is great and I especially enjoyed all the motivation that you would give us to be our best in all aspects of our lives; I would definitely like to see more of that on season 2. Take care and God bless you,

    Carlos M

  10. stevie

    hey vinny live large season 2 looks great,but if i have 1 complaint about season 1 it would be to much emphasis on cutting and getting a six pack.I admire you for gettig really low body fat percentage believe me i know how difficult it is but i think you need to do a bit more for guys who struggle to put on any size,after all you are the “skinny guy saviour”.my real down fall is nutrition and your help hurt rule really helped me make better decisions about what i eat and its thia area i think most guys need educating in.cant wait for season 2,keep liftin stay strong bro.