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Vince Del Monte WBFF Pro Model
Formely known as “Skinny Vinny” and now known as “The Skinny Guy Savior”

Age: 31

Birth Date: November 26, 1979

Birth Place: London, Ontario

Current Residence: Hamilton, Ontario

Height & Weight: 6″0 and 210 lbs off season

I started to compete in 2005 to give myself a new challenge to improve; see how I would do against other competitors and get an awesome set of before and after pictures I could use to attract new clients to my personal training business at the time.

After watching my best friend compete in physique shows for three years I eventually caught the competition bug and said, “I want to give this a shot and see how I’ll do.”  Probably very similar to how most physique athletes get into the sport.

I was attracted to the WBFF after seeing Rob Riches win in 2009, then Obi Obadike win in 2010 and see my close friend Artus Shakur get his pro card in the open 2010 show.  I was astonished buy how ripped and muscular the pros were in the fitness model division and found the show 10x more entertaining than the Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic shows I had attended in the past.  After the 2010 show I said, “I’m getting my pro card so I can size myself up against these guys.”  I went on to compete in Brian Cannone’s Fitness Atlantic Championships on April 16th and placed 5th, failing to earn my pro card.  I travelled to the Quebec Championships 2 weeks later to place 3rd and earn my pro card.  I plan on coming in 10% better for the WBFF Worlds later this summer.

In the early days of 2005, it was just me, the magazines and listening to what everyone else was doing.  I had no formal coach.  Since 2005, I’ve added over 20 pounds of additional muscle mass to my frame with lots of self-research, books, working with other trainers, new training partners and lots of hard work.

Right now I’m under the guidance of Canada’s top pro bodybuilder, Ben Pakulski.  He helped me bulk from 214 lbs to 227 lbs from Nov 1 – Dec 31, 2010.  He prepared me for my last two shows and is coaching me for the Worlds.  I consider him my secret weapon and he’s by far the most intelligent bodybuilder I’ve met.  His motto is, “The more you know, the more you grow.”  I’m currently living in Tampa, Florida and having him train me 1-1 out of Powerhouse Gym because the workouts are 10x better.  The diet and workouts have been so effective it appears I’m growing INTO the show!

My wife and I relocated to Tampa, Florida for January to April (to escape the Canadian winter) and we trained out of Downtown Powerhouse Gym.  The gym is full of profesional athletes, physique competitors, cover models, pro bodybuilders and really high quality personal trainers. Let’s just say, it’s impossible NOT to be motivated training at Powerhouse. The gym is like an “all you can eat buffet.”  You just can’t get enough.  In Hamilton, Ontario I train at Goodlife Fitness on Upper James – home to WBFF Pro’s Artus Shakur and Brock Aksoy.  We have a solid little group that trains together.

As far as nutritional supplements I take too many to list.  I take a very scientific approach to my supplementation and supplement timing.  Everything from Vitargo, BCAAs, Glutatmine, Hydrolyzed Whey, Wobenzymes, fish oils, a high dosage of certain vitamins and minerals (B6, magnesium, vitamin C), antioxidants, greens, ZMA, probiotics, aloe vera gel, caffeine, pre workout, phosphatidylserine and a few more.

I rotate a pre workout product every 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.  I don’t have a budget when it comes to supplementation so always focus on pharmaceutical grade supplements from companies like Life Extension.  Far more expensive but you know what you’re getting.  I have never been sick a day in my life and I believe my supplementation protocols play a huge role in that.

In 2002 I bulked up my skinny body from 149 lbs to 190 lbs in 6 months.  From 2005 to 2005 I bulked up from 190 lbs to 210 lbs.  In 2010 I bulked up again from 214 lbs to 227 lbs.  I wouldn’t consider myself a “true fitness model” because I like to spend a lot of the year growing and I’m okay losing my lower abs for growth.  My biggest accomplishment was dropping from 227 to 195 lbs for my recent shows and getting my body fat under 5%.  I plan on coming in bigger, harder and leaner for the Worlds. Wait and see!

Fitness is my life.  It’s like marriage.  I’m 100% committed to it and divorce is not an option.  It’s given me a positive identity and shown me that fitness is a metaphor for life.  If I can live large inside the gym and transform my body, I can live large outside of the gym and transform my career, lifestyle and relationships.

My current fitness goal is make the first call out at the WBFF Worlds and flex my brains out until the judges crown me first place!  I plan on documenting my entire transformation for Worlds an airing it on Season 1 of my online TV show called Live Large TV that you can view at www.LiveLarge.TV

Believe it or not, I don’t do cheat meals during my contest prep.  But if I had a cheat meal it would be “anything in sight.” Seriously, when the show is over I kinda go nuts and eat anything you would find on the inside aisles of a grocery store.  Use your imagination!

My diet right now is PERFECT.  Lots of carbs, lots of protein and even lots of fats. If you saw my contest prep diet you would say, “That’s awesome!”  A few things: I never eat the same protein source two meals in role. An example of protein would be extra lean beef for meal 1, egg whites for meal 2, BCAA’s and glutamine for post workout, hydrolyzed whey for meal 4, white fish for meal 5, chicken for meal 6 and some sort of meat like sirloin, vension, bison, wild boar, salmon or even elk for my last meal.  Lots of variety.  I never eat the same carbs sources more than two times in a day too.  Same with fats.   I don’t believe in cutting your calories too low during show prep.  I get the fat off with high intensity training and the higher calories allow me to train hard and long.  They key is to give yourself enough time to take this approach.  The guys who cut their calories too low simply didn’t give themselves enough time to get ready and end up losing muscle mass in the end.

Workout Schedule

Back and shoulders on Monday

Chest on Tuesday

Legs on Wednesday

Off on Thursday

Shoulders and back on Friday

Arms on Saturday

Off on Sunday

Calves get hit hard 3-4x a week and abs get hit hard 3-4x a week  At least 30-40 minutes on each.

Cardio is 6x a week.  Three days of sprinting alternated with 3 days of nice and slow to recover for the sprinting days.  About 180-200 minutes a week total.

I’m the author of the best selling ebook No Nonsense Muscle Building which has sold over 80,000 copies to date.  I create fitness info products from my web home Currently I have over a million you tube views, 35,000 subscribers, a newsletter list of 115,000 and over 100,000 customers of my online fitness program.  I’m getting ready to expand my brand into the American mass media and a TV show is in the works and I’m hosting my first live event.  Read more at

My goal is to create an international organization called Live Large that teaches men my realistic approach to living large with fitness, business and life.  Kind’ve like Anthony Robbins.

I was a competitive long distance runner from the age of 13 to 22.  I competed from the high to the national level and was Captain in my final year at the University of Western Ontario for cross country.  I also represented Canada at the World Triathlon championships when i was 16.  I was always an endurance athlete until the age of 22.

I’m married to the girl of my dreams – Flavia DelMonte.  When you meet her you’ll instantly know, “Vince traded up!”  No kids yet.  I would like to thank her for being so supportive and being my #1 fan.  She makes life so much easier and even diets with me.  I would like to thank her family and my family for being our biggest cheer leaders.


Any questions or comments? You know I love to hear from you. Post below please.

P.S. Want to copy the identical ab routine I used to get the abs you see in the above?  CLICK HERE



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  1. Tim Ernst

    Hey Vince. Looking forward to the Live Large Event. My interest really lies on how to Live Large Outside of the gym. I still like to build muscle but more importantly I want to build the most important muscle, expanding my brain on the business side of things. Thanks again and continue to Live Large and inspire your fans.

  2. Vince

    Thanks everyone.

    My hair is amazing.

  3. Carlos Bonilla

    great vince, there´s a lot of improvement since i first followed you!

    keep living large , you´re very motivational.

  4. Tanya

    Vince, I love ya, but please do something about your hair. It’s not 1986! :-)

  5. Kieran

    Great work! And great blog! I’m happy for you and your wife!!
    You reAlly enjoy LIFE !

  6. Personal Trainer Mumbai

    Good Workout Schedule …