Live Large TV Season 2 – YOU Set The Price


I was watching some of the episodes I’ve already filmed for Season 2 and they are AMAZING (if you saw Season 1 then I’m sure you’re not surprised).

Seriously. The Rip It Up Tips I filmed in Tampa, Florida with my coach are priceless.  I’m explaining lifting technique I paid $150 an hour for.

The first episode I reveal The Fastest Cardio Workout To Get Ripped.  Exactly what I do 3x a week that only lasts 20 minutes.

The second episode reveals The Anywhere Ab Workout. The exact routine I’ll do so my abs stand out among Obi Obadike, James Ellis, Artus Shakur & Rob Riches…

The third episode we CUSTOMIZE your own muscle building diet. I show you how to calculate calories, macros, food choices … everything.

The fourth episode we do the the same thing for FAT LOSS!  We’ll customize you your own fat burning meal plan. Crazy!

The fifth episode we dive deep into supplements with a CEO… supplement info only insiders know.

Each episode is now 30-40 minutes each!  Almost double of Season 1.

And that doesn’t even include the interviews… the Q&A… the footage I’ll be capturing from the Worlds… and so much more!


So, dear subscriber, I leave it in your hands.

I will release this as digital online video viewing – once a week.

What is all this info in Season 2 worth to you?

I want you to set the monthly price!

Other fitness publishers wouldn’t have the balls to trust their clients to set the price.. but I trust you will make a fair decision.

You already watched Season 1 for free so you know what kind of quality I deliver.

Put your price in the comments below…


P.S. Why is Season 2 not free like Season 1?  A few reasons… And this is the God’s honest truth:

1. Each episode of Live Large TV costs me at least $1000 to film and edit.  Season 1 cost me over $20,000 to produce and edit.  A small fee will will ensure I can continue to eat so I can look good on the videos :)

2. Free video platforms like You Tube are no longer friendly places.  Don’t believe me?  Go see for yourself.  They are filled with too many juvenile, negative and abusive people I do not wish to be around.  Going to a private membership site will distance us and protect us from people who are … frankly… people we don’t need.

3. This show was the MOST positively received project I’ve ever produced.  And I want to give you more than just a weekly videos – You’ll see what I mean tomorrow.  I want to build a community where you can communicate with me after each episode and get your questions answered.  We can not do that on a free forum.  We got to go private.

Alright, time for you to set the price!  How much would you pay a month to continue watching Live Large TV on a weekly basis ?

10 Responses to “Live Large TV Season 2 – YOU Set The Price”

  1. xena

    Allright allright..lets see what I’ve read so far…abundance(???), 50 pop(good for you buddy),lots of 10$ monthly fee(how many episodes?), advertising/sponsors(the only way to go),zero(lack…of abundance??)…
    Vince always love your gutsy,brovado-ish,big hairy ass goal setting,italian stallion arrogancy kind of attitude…really love it!! But this one I think you’re aiming at the wrong kind of crowd to cover your expanses…Anyhoo I’ll know in the end you will be the real cool standup godfearing guy again you really are..and actually will say punkd! to us all and then get right back to doing the only right thing all along….! And thank you once again for another free lesson this time on marketing on doing marketing the not so good way…;)
    Don’t be sting by any of this, just my rant and observations here cuz I still got love 4 you and miss Flavia! Bless!

  2. Joe the Taxi

    Hi Vince.

    $5 would be cool for most.

  3. rocky


    I wanna start out by saying you are the man!. I seriously can’t thank you enough for all the free content you just throw out to people, it’s what serperates you from 90% of the other “fitness pros”.

    But I’m only 16 so for me 5$ a month would be great.. but trust me bro it’s worth at leastttt that. Id say 10-20 a month would be a a good starting point.

    P.s. I have alll of your programs excexp the stage shredded dvds cause I’m tryin to pay for Romans coaching right now so I couldn’t get them at the time. I LOVE reading your stuff. I always learn something.

    P.p.s. season 1 was awesome! Lol. it was literally the best part of my weeks I used to go crazy waitin for the next episode =)

    Keep at it bro

  4. Will

    After reading these comments, I believe most do not understand the value of the information. I am sure they do not realize they would be paying a fraction of the price that any other professional competitor would charge for the same exact information. Didn’t you say you paid $4000.00 for the training you received from the Pak Man himself? So now we can add $1000.00 per episode for videography and editing.
    Guess they just don’t understand that you are trying to provide information(that people pay thousands of dollars for) to as many (ungreatful people) as possible for a small fee. I know I just paid over $2000.00 for the same information.
    I think you should charge at least $197.00 a month. Segregate the leeches from the people that will take action! Let the leeches go pay for a fat out of shpae nobody trainer that will give them bogus information and text on his phone while training them

  5. Tyler

    Well, just thinking out loud here… I’d want to set it up to reward my paying customers (of which I’m one) for their loyalty somehow.

    I mean, I’ve bought a program from you already, and if I’m still happy with the results in the future, I’m likely to buy another. Watching LLTV just keeps me in your customer loop, so plainly there’s benefit to you. So something like the low a-la-carte rate suggested above might be fair for your paid customers. (Might have to be PayPal; I know there’s a per-unit price for ClickBank-style transactions that might make a-la-carte impractical from your end.)

    By the same token, I think your non-customers should have to buy a whole subscription up front. They’re getting the benefit of the knowledge and the conversation that they wouldn’t otherwise get and I think they should have to pay for it.

    You offer a lot with your products, and I think a video series could be a decent value-add at the right price point.

    Unless, of course, you’ve already decided how you’re going to play it and this was just a traffic-driving exercise, in which case you are one devious Canuck. /laughs

  6. Artur Monteiro

    Vince, you rule!! There are some people who don’t even care paying $200 on unecessary stuff or so. Like the new year model of everything appears os the shelves. I pay $10/month for some brumming classes. I really wouldn’t bother paying the same or maybe 5+. It’s too much information not to charge a really fair price.

  7. Shayne

    Hey Vince i loved the season 1, it was all great info! I’d personally like to pay 10-30$ a month, let’s face it this content is definitely not worth less, any more starts getting pricey.

    P.S. I own one product of yours NNMB, but i’ve following your teachings for a couple years now. Keep up the great work bro!

  8. Ryan

    Purchased your programs in the past.

    As LL Season 1 was free, the same spirit should be continued into Season 2.

    There are many good comments on this topic; however, the LL episodes shouldn’t be the focus of your money-making ideas. As stated by others, you’re making your money on the programs people (such as myself) purchase. LL should be seen by your company as a portal into people purchasing your products/systems.

    Love watching, but can’t afford to pay-to-watch.

  9. Vince


    Each Season will be 20 or so episodes and 20-40 minutes in length.

    I will usually take a 1-2 month break after each Season but upload different style videos in that break.

  10. Vince


    I love ya man!

    Remember everyone – I DID try to upload Season 1 to You Tube for FREE… got 13 episodes in and then they DELETED the entire season! No explanation to this day.

    My main goal is to create a PRIVATE MEMBER SITE – closed out to idiots – and there are NO free platforms that offer this.

    The only way to keep positive energy and people is to CLOSE THE DOORS to idiots who ruin it for others.

    I can NOT block all the comments or that defeats the purpose. I want to CONVERSE with you and answer your questions.

    Keep your HONEST comments coming.

    I can take it :)