Live Large LIVE 2011 – Sneak Peak Video

There’s no need to tell you this… you probably heard the buzz on blogs, websites, YouTube, and Facebook! Live Large LIVE was THE first and biggest event of it’s kind and a chance to meet myself and my secret weapons – the “behind the scenes” people who have helped me author my own “movie star” lifestyle in just a few short years and how you can follow in my foot steps.  Attendees flew in from 4 different countries and had each person leaving feeling transformed and revived – body, mind and soul – and all 61 attendees would agree.

But don’t take my word for it… watch this video and check out what you missed.

If you didn’t attend Live Large LIVE 2011 last month – Tuesday September 27th till September 29th will be your one and ONLY chance to get the entire two-day event on video so you can FINALLY take your fitness, business and life to the next level!

Without a doubt, Live Large LIVE was an event the transformation industry has never seen—big enough that it created roof-raising energy, yet personal enough to provide plenty of one-to-one interaction between every speaker and attendee.

Now it doesn’t matter why you missed the first ever Live Large LIVE event. Perhaps it was too short notice, or maybe you couldn’t get the time off work, or maybe you couldn’t afford the cost of airfare, hotel, transportation, food and the registration cost. I get it… the entire event could have been a $1,000 to $3,000 investment depending on where you live.   Or maybe you simply procrastinated and missed the opportunity of a lifetime – if you did then you’re in luck because opportunity doesn’t typically knock twice. Because in the next few days you can get all the footage from the entire two day weekend for less than the cost of a nice dinner out.

It’s guaranteed that after you re live these two days, you’ll be re newed and re charged with the confidence to reach anygoal you may have dreamed and be ready to live better, relate better, save better, know better, and of course, equipped with my mentors’ secrets to go out and completely amplify your physique, your relationships, your business, and yourlifestyle.


10 Responses to “Live Large LIVE 2011 – Sneak Peak Video”

  1. Suneet

    Nice one Vince

    Would have loved to be there

  2. Joey

    The eating challenge I want to suggest is like a healthy cheat meal and it’s all you can eat.The challenge is called the zipper ripper and it’s where you eat as much food(lean meats,salads,vegetables,burgers and other healthy yet tasty foods) as you can until your full.The main objective is that you must unbutton your pants/loosen belt to make room for the large amount of food you will consume before you start the challenge.If you can button your pants and still fit them after the all you can eat,then you beat the challenge

  3. Joey
    The link above is an example of a food challenge video.It’s where someone request you to make a video defeating a certain challenge such as drink a gallon of milk in an hour or eat 50 chicken nuggets without throwing up..So could I suggest a food challenge video idea for your youtube?(It would be different and interesting)

  4. Vince

    What’s a ‘food challenge’ video?

  5. Joey

    You are really an inspirational man to the fitness world vince and i was wondering would you ever do a food challenge video?

  6. Travis

    Originally Posted By VinceHi Rich. Hang tough big man.

    Life is MEANT to be tough. When life is not tough, something is WRONG.

    True, but it feels good when the light shines Vince :) .

  7. Juan

    Where can I get the DVD set?

  8. Rich

    Thanks Travis.

  9. Rich

    Thanks Vince,
    Is it possible to build muscle while only getting 5 hrs of sleep a night at my age 47yrs.

  10. Rich

    Thanks Guys.