How women build muscle

The majority of women are interested in learning how to lose weight they are interested in gaining muscle. If you do happen to be one of the few women who do not want to build muscle, you will find the information you need below.

There are many misconceptions about women, weight and strength training than anything else in the field of womens fitness. The same rules apply for anyone who lifts weights, be they men or women.

Force Basic Training Rules

1. Trucks lifted with less repetition is the best way to build muscle mass

2. Lightweight risen with more repetitions is the method by which you build endurance and tone muscles.

An average woman, after several consecutive months of weight lifting, is seeking an increase of 20-40 percent strength. Many women who are weightlifting complain that their weight has increased, and will also notice that they are garments began tighter fit, which is normal when you replace fat with muscle mass is important remember that a pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat does. Your measurements will undoubtedly change when you start adding more muscle to your arms, shoulders and legs. As far as weight is concerned, it is a better idea not to get concerned about your actual weight and focus instead on your waistline and your slimming, overall appearance installer.

Many of the same principles apply to women who begin a new aerobic fitness program. Increasing the height of a step if you take step classes, or the resistance of a cycle or elliptical will also promote muscle growth more than it will tone the muscles. Aerobic exercise is also good because it is a phenomenal cardio workout that will strengthen your heart muscle which is something that everyone can benefit.

How women build muscle?

Genetically speaking, your body is already predisposed to how it will be done by weight training, since fat is distributed in our body based on what our estrogen testosterone ratio.

What is your body type?

The women fall mainly into three categories of body type:

Mesomorphs often more muscular, Mesomorphs bodies tend to react very quickly to weight training and muscle gain easier


Ectomorphs : Tending to stay lean. Despite undertaking a strength program this body type is still probably not build a lot of muscle mass, despite increasingly strong through training. Weight loss occurs much easier than their bodies tend not to store fat.

Endomorphs More soft and round, and often referred to as voluptuous. This type of body fat loss requires to add definition and muscle mass through strength training.

High Weight training for women, and research is constantly prove that. Build body strength can help slow bone loss and osteoporosis. Unfortunately, many women tend to shy away from this kind of strength training because of the fear that adding muscle will decrease their femininity.
Every woman, like all men respond differently to different routines raining, so it is important to remember not to compare yourself to other women that you see working at the gym. You must maintain your focus and keep track individual results, keeping in mind your age and body type and the effect it will have on your progress. Also, focus on how exercise makes you feel more how your body reacts wise appearance.

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