Home Building – Whoa! First Things First – What You Must Do Before Getting this quote

Ready to build your dream home? How do you get the dream to the bottom line … the cost to get there?

I can certainly sympathize with you in your desire to know what a home building (or renovation) project will cost before you get too far in your planning. After all, you do not want to plan something that you can not afford or for which you are not ready to pay the price.

The preparations leading to a precise quote Home Building

Here are the steps in preparing for an accurate quote general contractor for the construction of your home. It will take some time and it will involve industry professionals. I advise people to take most or all of these steps. In the long run it will pay off in spades.

1) Understand the real estate market where you will build your house.

Each property market has its own flavor. Each market has its styles of construction and the general range of labor costs. You must know your market and know how to adapt your home will be in it and know what you want to achieve uniqueness.

2) take decisions about the general quality you want in your home.

The quality you put into your home will be reflected in the cost to build it. Will you build your home with low-end devices, finishing and structural materials? Do you intend to premium materials? This decision will have a huge effect on the bidding process and citing possible. Decide from the start!

3) Find a house plan or a floor plan that is close to what you want.

At this stage in your preparations, you should find a floor plan that also shows what the outside looks like. What you want is a pretty close replica of what you want to create. It will not be complete. You are looking for a reasonable facsimile.

4) Obtain a general idea of ​​cost per square foot to build this type of home in your market.

Your next step is to get a basic idea of ​​the cost to build based on what you know so far. Knowing the market, size and style, quality and the layout, you can now talk with industry professionals to get a rough estimate of the cost per square foot to build it.

Some of the professionals you could talk with include: Architects, builders, real estate agents who work closely with builders, structural engineers, and developers. If you talk to enough of these professionals, you will have a decent idea of ​​the potential cost to build.

5) have plans and created by the architect or the purchase of a complete set of house plans.

Armed with the approximate cost per square foot, now you know if your project is feasible. At this point, it is safe to either buy a complete set of plans or go to a residential architect or designer to have the plans created to your specifications. Make sure the plans are complete and indicate the choice of materials and follow the building codes.

6) Create a “take-off” detailed (which is a list of materials) of all plans.

This list of materials you or your builder in the pricing of the full range of materials for home help. Some materials will be provided by various subcontractors so be aware of this and do not add these twice!

7) Get at least three complete construction specifications of the house of General Contractors.

Once you have taken all these steps, you can now get your construction specifications. In preparation for this way you will get better deals and you will not be comparing apples and oranges. Each contractor understand exactly what you are after.

use the same process for major remodels

With minor modifications, you can use this same process to obtain accurate estimates for a major renovation. With small home improvements, you can omit many of these steps. For example, upgrading your bathroom will probably require plans or general contractors.

But, renovation or major addition to the house is likely to require plans, lists of materials take-off, and someone to manage the entire project. So the same attention to detail and good preparation is essential.

Take your time. You will feel in control of your project. And that’s a great feeling!

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