Here’s What Included With The 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program!

Here’s What Included With The
21-Day Fast Mass Building Program!

21-Day Fast Mass Building Program

Fast Mass Ebook Part 1: The 21-Day Fast Mass Building Manual
($97 Value)

Learn the exact number of calories you’ll be eating during the one-week Primer Phase and the exact number of calories you’ll be eating during the two-week Overload Phase. You’ll also receive three different training programs laid out in explicit detail: reps, sets, exercises, options, rest and more.

Plus we’ll dive deeper into the science behind The Anabolic Amplifier Effect, more reasons why we believe The Death of Bulking is upon us, the random but true origin story behind the program and how to adjust this program to fit your yearly training goals.

Fast Mass Meal Plans Part 2: The 21-Day Muscle Power Nutrition Plans
($197 Value)

The only way you can make rapid fast muscle gains is through tactically cycling your nutrition.

If you’re ready to add quality size, our nutrient-dense, muscle-power meal plans, tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it so you can add up to 12 pounds of size or more by February 7th, with nearly all of it being impressive muscle mass.

These meal plans are different in that they have been designed around hormonal regulation – no spikes in insulin – except during the most anabolic time of the day; around your workout. This is where all the recycled meal plans on the Net fall short.

Not only do you have The Anabolic Amplifier Effect on your side, you are eating the highest quality calories to optimize digestion, absorption and maximal muscle growth.

Fitness Model DVD Part 3: The 21-Day Fitness Model Physique 4-Hour Workout DVD
($97 Value)

Male fitness models are built like Hollywood sex symbols, and if you’re after that look; then look no further.

Women are attracted to men with average builds with mind-blowing muscle definition. If you’re not into the “huge” and “massive” bodybuilder look but want to be that “shredded guy” in your gym, this workout is for you as this program is all about delivering the fitness model look to get you on stage, in the magazines, or just have women drool all over you!

Get ready to see me go head-to-head with two of the leanest and most ripped guys on the planet – my training partners. The entertainment value of this DVD alone is worth the investment of the entire package!

Muscle Model DVD Part 4: The 21-Day Muscle Model Physique 4-Hour Workout DVD
($97 Value)

Muscle models are the Gods of Aesthetics and if boasting around 200 pounds of shredded muscle is on your goal list for 2011 – this DVD is our gift to you. Especially if you’re already flaunting a fitness model physique; here is The Next Level.

Personally I think this is the most appealing physique on the planet – even in clothes – this physique stands out in a crowd and demands respect on the streets, in the gym and on any hot night out.

In this DVD, you’ll get 4-hours of raw workout footage of me training with my training partner as we redefine the words “limits” and “failure.” Heavy weights, high reps, short rest, real sweat, mind-blowing intensity, inspirational words and some pretty funny moments (we don’t cut anything out). You’ll be dying to get into the gym after you watch this.

Hardcore Bodybuilder DVD Part 5: The 21-Day Hardcore Bodybuilder Physique 2-Hour Workout DVD
($97 Value)

Launch your physique into a new realm of mass and strength! If you want a physique that is described as “huge” and “freaky”, then this will push you into a whole new world of epic-proportions.

If you’re an advanced bodybuilder, you know the iron game is more than a hobby or sport – it’s a way of life. Building an awe-inspiring physique requires an unwavering commitment, motivation and drive; combined with the knowledge to get the most out of every workout and that’s what Lee is handing you in this killer DVD.

All in all, you are getting three-detailed workout DVDs, jam-packed with TEN HOURS of different training splits, intensity techniques, and notes on specific exercises to maximally recruit every bodypart with enough motivation to last you a lifetime.

It’s time to start your 21-day attack!

Mass Building Training Log Part 6: The Printable Workout Sheets and Training Log
($17 Value)

Bring every single workout to the gym so you know exactly what to do when you arrive. Plus, you get professionally designed workout sheets to fill in your exercises, reps, sets, weights, workout comments, cardio and any extra notes. This training log will become a priceless asset to your ongoing success.

Attempting to craft the physique you have always wanted without recording your progress is like going on a road trip without a map and hoping you get to your final destination. You might as well put a blind fold on too!

Fast Mass Supplements Part 7: Hit The Anabolic Switch Supplement Stacks
($27 Value)

Discover the exact Morning, Pre Workout, Workout and Post Workout Ritual to turn your growth controls on to turbo-drive. Along with your calculated nutrition and training plan, your supplement regimen plays a key role in furthering your muscular progress. The timing of your supplements consumption – especially relative to your training sessions – make a big difference in optimizing your performance, recovery and muscle growth.

Supplementation in your daily diet is an important issue, but not as complicated as you might think and that’s where we come in. Let us separate fact from fantasy and help eliminate any further confusion. We’ll introduce you to our very short list of Staple and Situational supplements that do give you an extra boost to maximize your 21-day results. Note: Supplements are not “required” to follow the program but our recommendations will accelerate your results.

Fast Mass MP3 Interview Part 8: The Test Groups Secrets Audio Interrogation
($57 Value)

When was the last time you invested in a program and actually got to learn secrets from previous users – people who started just like you and were successful! Probably never! In fact, some of these guys got better results than Lee and I!

In this awesome 2-hour audio call, Lee and I interview a huge-handful of the top success stories that appeared on this page. They reveal their insider secrets, goals, exact 21-day results, challenges, tweaks, cardio recommendations, training plans, meal plans, supplements and extra hidden discoveries. Lee and I were impressed with the wealth of knowledge our students shared generously to guarantee you success.

Fast Mass Quick Start Checklist Part 9: Pre-Program Quick Start Check List
($17 Value)

After you go through the manual, watch the DVD of your choice, pick out your meal plan and pick up your supplements, fire through our pre-program checklist that acts as a friendly reminder guide to ensure you’re ready to start. We recommend you start the program this coming Monday.

Fast Mass Exercise Guide Part 10: The Exercise Description Guide
($37 Value)

Your muscles have no idea that you’re working out unless they isolate them, stimulate them and make them work! Every exercise is explicitly explained from the Start position to the End position so that you’ll be getting a mini personal training session to ensure a injury free workout. Every exercise is accompanied with a photo so you’ll experience the fastest gains of your life.

Your muscles have no idea that you’re working out unless you isolate them, stimulate them and make them work! Every single exercise of the entire 21 Day Fast Mass Building program is explicitly explained from Start to Finish. It’s almost like getting a mini personal training session to ensure that you get the most muscle building benefits while ensuring an injury free workout. Every single exercise is accompanied with detailed photos so you’ll experience the fastest gains of your life.

And if you think all of that is amazing, check this out…
Transform Your Body To Win $10,000 In Prizes At The Arnold Sports Festival and Expo In Columbus Ohio – The Largest Sports Festival In The Nation – While Hanging Out with Vince and Lee!

Win A FREE Trip To The Arnold Classic!

Before the official release of this program on Tuesday, January 11th at 12:01 am EST, we’ll reveal (via email only) a special Fast Action Bonus for those of you who get The 21-Day Fast Mass Building on the very FIRST day it’s available.

We can’t tell you our surprise bonus gift, but as you can imagine it’ll be of tremendous value to help maximize your growth over the top!

As shown above, the entire 10-part program is a real $740.00 value. But, as promised in the video, we’ll be GIVING AWAY at least 10 FREE programs tomorrow! Watch your email closely tomorrow for instructions. By the way, anyone and everyone has a fair chance of winning and it’s super easy to enter the contest.

if you’re not on our mailing list go to and join now for free.

I can’t tip my hand right now, but let me tell you it’s something very special that’s going to help accelerate your results big time!

Now, if you don’t happen to win a free copy tomorrow, don’t panic. We’re not charging $740.00 for our solution, not even close. And because you’ve been following along with our emails, blog and video updates we’re going to hook you up big time by giving you a massive discount just because you downloaded our two free reports – The Death of Bulking & The Anabolic Amplifier Effect – last week.

You don’t understand how Lee and I appreciate your support and trust! Believe us: we’ll make sure that we don’t let you down with this new program once it’s released January 11th. Ask ANY of our customers and they’ll tell you we know what we over deliver – all because we’re extremely passionate about changing your mind… body… and life.

But for now, let’s worry about tomorrow and give yourself a chance at WINNING the entire package for FREE. Keep an eye on your email inbox for details to win!

See you tomorrow!

Vince Del Monte and Lee Hayward
Your Fast Mass Muscle Building Coaches!

The 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program will FINALLY be
released on Tuesday January 11th at 12:01 am EST.

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