Featured BodyTransformation: Anthony Ciccotto

Featured Body Transformation Story: Anthony Ciccotto

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Gained 9 Pounds Of Pure Muscle And Zero Fat In 16-Weeks





“The only thing that should be left on the gym floor is sweat.  My name is Anthony Ciccotto.  I am 29 and live on Long Island in New York.  Devotion is the key to success and I believe strongly in this.  There is no point in doing something in which you are not going to give one hundred and ten percent to.

Training is a big part of my life.  I have been doing it for as long as I can remember.  A year ago I started to lose the challenging aspect that training should always bring.  Around that time I Found Vince on line and subscribed to his newsletters.  After six month of seeing what Vince had to offer, my confidence in him as a trainer grew.  He then introduced MYM and I jumped on it.  It was, and is, exactly what I needed to throw the challenge back into my training.

MYM Phase One (100 Rep muscle) awoke my muscles again and set the stage for what was to come in the phases to follow.  Phase Two (Five Day Full Body Vinsanity) brought my body to a new endurance level that I never experienced before.  After just two phases my weight increased from 147lbs to 152lbs.  MYM Phase Three (Crank Up The Volume) expanded my muscles.  It gave me a constant pump, feel and look, inside and outside of the gym.  My weight jumped up to 158lbs.  MYM Phase Four (Ripped In A Rush) toned my body while keeping the muscle on.  This program kept me lean throughout.  However, Phase Four gave me the tools to get extra cut just in time for summer.  I am currently weighing in at 156lbs.

I really enjoy the challenges that Vince Del Monte brings through MYM.  This program builds from month to month.  As the program builds, my mind and body follow.  I am very excited to see what is in store in the months to come. Thank you Vince for giving me the tools needed to bring my body to a whole new level of training.  Health is life.

Anthony Ciccotto

Long Island, New York

Vince: What was your bodybuilding training like prior to starting MYM and entering the 16 week contest?

Anthony: My training kept me lean however, i was having a tough time gaining.  I would hit the weights Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  My cardio days where Tuesday, Thursday.  I used the weekends as my off days.  My diet was just “OK”.  I wasn’t getting enough meals in.

Vince: You mentioned you didn’t take measurements, just your scale weight.  Do you think you can make gains and modifications to your program simply relying on the mirror?

Anthony: Absolutely.  I pay much more attention to the mirror than the scale.  Too many factors can sway the truth of the scale.  (water weight, heaviness of the meals the day before weighing, time of day, weather or not a bowl movement was made prior to weigh in)  haha  you get the point.  As far as the mirror goes, ya just have to make sure its clean enough to see your self.  If i start to see something in the mirror that im not happy about, ill make a change to correct it.  Be it diet or training.

Vince: It appears you gained at least 10 pounds of pure muscle mass without any fat?  What was the number one strategy behind this hard to achieve result?

Anthony: Clean diet.  I only use one kind of protein shake.  I don’t rely on protein bars.  I get all my protein, carbs and nutrients from actual food.

Vince: What do you think you did better than anyone else to achieve the results you got?

Anthony: I would say its a combination of my clean diet and my consistency with the training.  Consistency meaning, not skipping days because im tired or not in the mood, and consistency meaning, hitting it as hard as i can every time im there.  My goal every time i go to the gym is to always make sure im going to feel that soreness the day after.  Then i know i worked hard enough.

Vince: What is the number one mistake guys are making when trying to gain quality muscle mass without the fat?

Anthony: Well, i cant speak for other guys but i do know that i used to make the mistake of doing too much cardio.  I have also made the mistake in the past of eating anything and everything to gain the size and then cutting down at a later date only to find myself back where i started.

Vince: What is your life outside of the gym like?

Anthony: I work at a hospital as a CAT scan Tech.  I work mostly the evening shift (4pm to 12am).  I work some weekends but when i do have off i dont go out drinking.  (before MYM, i drank on the weekends often).  My friends bust my chops but they understand.  I have a motorcycle and enjoy to ride any chance i get.  For a while i was a volunteer EMT.  I took the EMT classes and joined a Fire dept. to both challenge my self and help the community.  I am currently waiting to hear if i am going to be accepted into the July academy for the NYPD.  I dont have a girl friend at the moment and haven’t had one for a while.  I dont have much time in my life right now to invest in a relationship.  I know this isn’t a good thing.  So im working on making time.

Vince: You got super thick in the shoulders and abs.  Any insider shoulder or ab secrets?

Anthony: I used to neglect my shoulder training in the past.  MYM doesn’t allow neglect to any muscle.  So basically, i simply started to work them out.  As far as the abs go, i actually used to work them out everyday that i would hit the weights but i would only use body weight.  Since MYM i have worked them less frequently but have been using weights.  They seem to have responded better with the less frequent training plus weights, who knew.

Vince: What is your diet like?

Anthony: Its clean. I eat simple.  Nothing processed.  I try to use as much organic food as possible.  Whole foods is what i aim for.  I do admit that i eat kinda plain.  I dont look at it as food much any more.  To me its just fuel.  I give my body what it needs.  On cheat days, however, that all goes out the window. I am human.  haha

Vince: How much of a role did supplements play?  Did you use anything?  Which brands?

Anthony: The protein shake i use is Isopure.  Have used it for a long time now and love it.  From the start of MYM Ive used GNC brand Mega Men Sport Multivitamin and GNC brand ZMA.  At the beginning of phase 3 i started creatine called Creakic Hardcore by Muscletech, and started taking GNC brand triple strength fish oil.  I also started taking a pre work out drink called naNO Vapor also by Muscletech.  Good for energy.  I was seeing good results within the first two phases before i started taking the majority of these supplements.  At that point i new MYM worked so i started to take the extra supplements just to get that little bit of extra edge.  They definitely added to my gains.

Vince: What was your biggest obstacle during your 16 week transformation and what did you do to stay motivated?

Anthony: My biggest obstacle was living in an Italian household.  I am currently waiting for the paper work to go through on a house which i recently purchased.  Until then, i am surrounded by Italian home cooking and endless amounts of pastries and sweets. I used mini goals to get me to the end.  For example i have a cheat day every three to four weeks.  I make them my mini celebrations to reward my self for being so strict.  The fact that there is a possible trip or money coming my way at the end of the 16 weeks didnt hurt either.  haha

Vince: Did you train alone or work out with a training partner?

Anthony: No.  I havent worked out with a partner in a very long time.  There was always an issue.  Either they were not motivating me enough or i had to spend way to much time motivating them to even go.  I found it was much easier for me to just go and not need to wait on anyone else.  I get to the gym, do my thing and leave.  No chit chat, no waisting time.  Sometimes i feel it would be nice if i could find a buddy to go with that was as motivated if not more than i am.  When i do need a spot ill just ask a random person in the gym.  No one has turned me down yet.

Vince: Anybody advice to a young guy who does not believe he can have a transformation like yours?  What would you say to him or her?

Anthony: First off, it is 100% possible.  Just look at Skinny Vinny!!! haha   I myself have gained 9lbs of muscle and im not done yet.  Second,  If you really think you cant do it then step outside your comfort zone and try to prove your self wrong.  After all you have nothing to lose.  You will only gain.  Third, If you want it you can have it.  All you have to do is stop making excuses and put in the honest work.  You are the only one stopping you.  Remember that.

Anthony Ciccotto


Pretty impressive eh?  Now it’s your turn to congratulate Anthony and ask him some questions and I’ll get him to help you out.  Post your comments, congrats and questions below.


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10 Responses to “Featured BodyTransformation: Anthony Ciccotto”

  1. AK

    Hi Anthony

    Congrats on winning the contest but I bet thats not the best part of it for you. The thrill of seeing yourself in the mirror and the excitement of seeing the change you have caused yourself to make, ofcourse with Vince’ program is the other high you’re currently experiencing. Stay the course buddy, you’re a great inspiration to the likes of me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips.


  2. Dhiraj

    Hey Vince,

    I have a flab in my lower part of the stomach and some sides coming out near my wasit line please give me some tips on how to lose that

  3. Ryan Philipson

    I also gained muscle without fat when i started NNMB

  4. Hani

    Great job Anthony. I'm inspired by the fact that you were an EMT and a CAT scan with abnormal working hours yet managed to make those muscular gains. Keep up the good work!

  5. Tom Bodd

    Hey Anthony…great job! I admire your disipline and dedication to your passion. If I may be so bold to say fill out your chest, you will blow the comp. away. I look forward to seeing you in a few months!

    Tom Bodd

  6. John

    Are the v lines genetic ? (Adonis) I really want that look.

    Lookin good Anthony.

  7. chris

    Great gains bro, you looked good before but that extra 9lbs makes such a difference

  8. Damien

    I'm a guy but have no problem appreciating other men's bodies…. I choose to say, honestly he looks way sexier and natural in the before picture.
    In the after picture he looks 'off' and no longer natural raw, primal and strong. It looks more like a robot than a man….. personally I wish to never have a transformation like that and am much happier looking like the first picture.

  9. Chris

    awesome job! You are a great inspiration and you have an amazing body! It's so amazing how MYM will really give you the results you want! This will be my next program once I finish NNMB! Congrats!

  10. Chris

    Respect to you for your physique, you look great, and it is possible to put on 9lbs of muscle and stay lean, but Jack's right, from these photos it's impossible to tell. I look like your 'before' shot before a workout and your 'after' shot after a workout! I bought Vince's program a couple of years ago and the guy knows his stuff. But now he is going against everything he preached the first time around. His philosophy was bulk up the muscle and gain a little fat along the way, and then go into the 'fat-burning' phase. So, do I get my money back now that this method is not the latest 'amazing new, inside info, sure-win, guaranteed results' program? No, of course not. I can only praise you as I know how much discipline it takes to get even a decent body, never mind a muscular, ripped one. But this just smacks of another way to make money for Skinny Vinny.