Featured Body Transformation: Tom Bodd

Meet Tom Bodd, from Creston, British Columbia.  Tom was the 1st place grand prize winner of my first 16-Week Transformation Contest with Maximize Your Muscle.  Probably the most impressive transformation I’ve ever seen! Check out the

BEFORE Maximize Your Muscle: Tom


AFTER Maximize Your Muscle: Tom


“I probably don’t fit your typical readership as I am 53 years old. The way you introduced your program caught my eye as you said it was geared towards people that have been training for awhile and didn’t shy away from hard work. That was enough to get me in. Honestly, when I think about it I believe it was your work ethic that I have seen and some of your comments about the way some or I should say most people “exercise” that made me take action and say this was for me.

I absolutely loved Vincesanity! Strength and endurance through the roof and started to get cuts where I never thought possible on me. Your insights for living life, the wisdom you have already gathered for a young man of 30, your passion to develop the human body all come through in your material. I would encourage anyone young or not so young, if you don’t like what you see or who you see in the mirror get off your butt, take action and get your life back! ”


Vince: When did you start bodybuilding?

Tom: I have played around with BB since I was young…probably like the rest of the guys in Maximize Your Muscle and the rest of your readers but when I was young there wasn’t this kind of info available like there is today.  About 8 years ago I had a tragedy in our family so I had to find an outlet for myself, so I would say in the last 7 years I started kickboxing and then a few years later I did some casual weight training on my own. Nothing to serious. I’ve been reading your material for quite sometime now and when you introduced Maximize Your Muscle as an advanced program I became very interested in that. In the last 5 months I have made the most consistant gains in the last 5 years.

Vince: What was your biggest obstacle in changing your body at age 53?

Tom: My biggest challenge is keeping myself injury free. I didn’t stretch and warm up anything like I do today. Again following your program as you lay it out. Stretching and proper warm ups have kept me pretty healthy.

Vince: Tell us about your results using Maximize Your Muscle in the past four months.

Tom: My results have been the most consistant in the last four months than they,ve been in the last 5 years. Each month builds on the previous month. Before it was hit and miss but this way one leads into the next so I just kept improving. My strength and shape have changed the most.

Vince: You mentioned that “age is just a number” What does that mean and do you think that any 53 year old can build a body like yours?

Tom: Yes 53 is just a number. To me being 53 brings advantages not disadvantages. At 53 a person should have alot more wisdom, and discipline than someone half my age. My discipline and focus work to my advantage.  I don’t believe in excuses. I believe that anyone with a goal or desire to change them selves can do so.  Just get the right information, apply it with consistency, adjust where needed and you will arrive at your target.


Vince: What separates your mindset from other males your age?

Tom: I don’t think like everyone else. If you tell me it can’t be done I’ll do it anyway just to prove it can be done. I don’t give up and I go harder than anyone I know, well almost anyone!

Vince: What would the #1 secret you maximized to get your razor sharp jaw dropping abs?

Tom: Ahhh the abs. When I train I try to focus my mind and make a connection between that and the muscle I’m working on. Abs are no different. I use a slower than normal rep tempo and really squeeze the abs, also stretch them out often.

Vince: What does your daily nutrition plan look like?

Tom: Nutrition is very basic. I have a huge breakfast as soon as I get up with both carbs and protein. I eat 5-7 times a day consuming most of my carbs in the top half of the day. I eat only prepared foods and never eat anything out of a box. Pretty basic really.


Vince: In your testimonial above you mentioned that “The way most people train is a complete joke.” Elaborate on that and what mistakes can our readers avoid so they don’t waste their time.

Tom: Oh oh I could get in trouble here but you asked.  Most, a very high percentage of people go to the gym and think it’s a social event. Did you come here to work or to chat it up with all your buddies? They do the same workouts day after day month after month they don’t change anything so they don’t change. There is no sense of urgency. It’s just a waste of time for them, but they think they are doing great.

When I work out it’s not a real pleasant experience and I don’t believe it should be. If you want to push your body to look different you have to challenge it not baby it.  It will take it but it will not be comfortable. Most people don’t like to be uncomfortable so they just coast and the results show that too.

Vince: Are you married? What do your kids and wife think of your insane body?

Tom: I have two kids.  My daughter doesn’t say much but my son and I compete with each other. He inspires me to go as hard as I do because I do the same for him. He is very very proud of his Dad.

Vince:  Do you use any supplements?

Tom: I just use the basics: protein powders, creatine and glutimine, and efa’s (essential fatty acides). Nothing fancy. I don’t believe that all that fancy shit they sell to these young guys does anything. I just eat whole foods, that’s enough for me.

Vince: Do you apply any special recovery stategies in the last four months, especially phase 2 when you where working out sometimes 5 days aweek and the workouts were as much as 90 minutes long? Does your body respond better to high or lower volume workouts?

Tom: I ice my legs after a heavy leg day. I find that helps my out alot. As far as phase 2: after the first week it didn’t bother me to much. I just make sure I get enough sleep/ rest. If I don’t sleep well I’m in trouble. I just don’t have the energy if I’m tired I’m in bed by 10pm. Ya, I know that’s boring but that is what works for me. I respond better to high voume training for sure.

Vince: What are your final words of wisdom to males over 40 who want to look like you?

Tom: More trouble. I would tell them to STOP making excuses far themselves and justify why they are the way they are. Set a goal. Get a clear picture of what you want to look like by a certain time and then arrive at that point. Once you arrive, set another goal or get another picture of yourself and go again.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t be there in 2 months either, but you have to start sometime if that is your desire. Get the right information, apply it with consistency and conviction, clean up your diets, and watch your self grow into something brand new!!



Want some more no nonsense answers that are not watered down?  Tom holds nothing back and I’m sure will hook you up with some straight forward advice if you ask.  Post your questions.

Don’t expect him to sugar coat any answers for you.  Post below.

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