Featured Body Transformation: Matthew Beukelman

Featured Maximize Your Muscle Transformation Story: Matthew Beukelman

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Packed On 10 Pounds Of Muscle In One Month


Matthew- Beukelman-Vince-DelMonte-Student



“After my first semester at college, i had already gained 10 pounds of the freshman 15, much to my disappointment. Returning home at semester my brother asked, “what happened to you?” and thats when the search started for a fat shredding, muscle gaining program that would get me shredded quickly, without wasting what little time i had extra at college.

After searching over and under, Maximize Your Muscle caught my eye with a very affordable first month of the program(FREE). So i started the program, and was astounded by the fat burned, and changes in my body. My roommate at college told me that watching me change was “inspiring stuff”, and he then borrowed my first month of the program when i started month 2 of MYM. After just one month of the program i had packed on 10 pounds of pure muscle!

Never in my life have i accomplished something like this before. As the months went on, i saw rapid and incredible changed, not only in my body, but in my behavior. Every month, i was challenged with something new, a different way i can better my way of life, and ways of reaching my newly set goals, made in month number two.

Every month, my roommate and I would pick a new quote from the MYM book and post it in our status’ on facebook or on the wall of our room. My personal favorite was “You will not soar with the eagles if you’re running with the turkey’s”. Where i evaluated who i was hanging out with, and decided whether or not those people would help me become the person i wanted to become, and from there i saw the most improvement in my life. I started being true to myself, my friends, and my family. With this achiever’s mind-set, i was able to change my body. With the help of MYM i figured out important things in my life, packed on muscle, and got ripped. Now when someone asks me if i gained the “freshman 15″ at college, and can proudly say, “yes i did–all in muscle”.

My arms exploded and got Huge during this program, i finally found my six pack, and packed on over 15 pounds of pure muscle during Maximize Your Muscle!  Thanks Vince for the incredible program, and life lessons every month. This program was truely life-changing.

You can’t soar with the eagles if you’re running with the turkeys

-Matt Beukelman, Mitchell, South Dakota

Short note to you vince before the questions: My friends can’t believe i’m actually being interviewed for this! like they can because of what they saw happen to me, but its you, VINCE DELMONTE! your program is “legit!” thats what we would call it at college. You are a model of a success i look up to. Thanks for everything, and keep changing lives!

Vince: You mentioned you gained the “Freshman 15″.  What mistakes did you make in your first semester at college?

Matt: Well i got a job at McDonalds because i needed the money and it was only a block away from my dorm, so it was easy first semester to skip going to the gym, eat fast food, and just enjoy college with friends and put exercise and proper diet on the side.

Mainly what hurt me the most was my poor diet and midnight snacking at college while studying for tests, doing homework or just hanging out. College was an entirely different schedule than what i had been used to in years past, so i really was hurt by my poor food choices and busy schedule to where i never went in to work out.

Vince: What was your starting weight before starting Maximize Your Muscle and what was your primary motivation for trying out the program?

Matt: I started college at 160, gained about 10 pounds of fat first semester, and when i started Maximize Your Muscle i quickly trimmed pounds, and started packing on muscle. But starting the program i was at about 170 pounds, lost 10 pounds of fat to return to my 160 and packed on 10 quick pounds in the first month, which was amazing to watch happen. I knew if i wanted to change my body i needed to get into a program where my schedule would be somewhat structured, otherwise i would wander from machine to machine just doing whatever i felt like, and i knew i wouldn’t make any significant gains like the several years in the past where i just worked out doing random things. But the primary motivation was to shred fat and get back to at least the skinny version of me, i knew the program was supposed to help me gain muscle, but i didn’t actually believe it was deliver like it did. Amazing program period.

Vince: What do you think the number one reason was that you gained 10 pounds of muscle in the first month?

Matt: It was several things that contributed to my quick 10 pounds of muscle, i knew coming into MYM from watching the DVD’s that i would have to change several of my everyday activities from actually getting into the gym to my diet. It was a combination of things that was pointed out to me in your book and DVD that led me to the first 10 pounds. But i’m sure giving 110% in the gym everyday had something to do with it.

Vince: What was the response from your friends after this rapid change in your body?

Matt: There were several different reactions, a lot of people at college, from what i noticed, started wanting to come to the gym to workout with me. I also remember when i started getting asked if i was using sterroids or if i was juicing from people at home, and a few from college. But a lot of people knew i had started MYM and actually came to me for tips on how to find their six pack or to start packing on muscle, which was a fun experience for me.

A lot of people at college started to make Vince DelMonte jokes too. If i had a long day of tests and work and i didn’t know if i was going to work out or not, my roommate would look at me and yell “WHAT WOULD VINCE DO!!! DO YOU EVEN WANT THAT $2000?! GET TO THE GYM!!!” it was all in good fun, but good motivation.

Vince: What was your biggest challenge with building muscle while in college?  How did you overcome it?

Matt: Finding time was the biggest problem for me. But when i got my priorities straight, i ranked working out high on the list of things to do, and made time, either in the morning or early afternoon, to get that done. It was all about getting up early and getting it done, even after a late night. I really had to push myself with working lots of hours and fitting all my classes into a day, but I made it happen.

Vince:  Did you take any supplements during MYM?

Matt: Gold Standard 100% WHEY protein. That was the only thing in addition to food i consumed.

Vince: How important was it to have a room mate to train with and do this together instead of alone?

Matt: My roommate, started on a different month, and our schedules were very conflicting so we didn’t actually get a lot of working out done together, but he really did help to push me to get to the gym, which was very helpful. But having someone ask you how workouts went every day, and having my roommate actually make sure i’m doing my workouts really helped with a lot of my success.


Vince: You liked the quote, “If you want to fly with the eagles, you can’t run with the turkeys…” How did this quote inspire you?

Matt: It sounds funny at first, i put it on my facebook status and a lot of people “liked” it, but to me, it means that if i meant business, and if i wanted to see progress, i can’t go half-hearted or be passive about my lifting, i have to soar above the crowd and go harder than every other guy in that gym.

I also applied this to my personal life where i would never pass a life opportunity up. I have several goals in life, and when i wanted to get one of those done but didn’t have quite enough initiative to start the task this year, my and my roommate would just say to each other “you only live once, get it done!” or say “if you want to fly with the eagles, you can’t run with the turkeys” its very true that a lot of what you decide to do is judged by the people around you. I was lucky to have such a great roommate that pushed me to my limits to get everything i could done in my first year of college.

Vince: What was your #1 nutrition strategy that made the biggest difference in your physique?

Matt: No more fast food. No more fried foods in the cafeteria. I ate a lot of wraps(which were filled with lots of veggies and meat), pastas, and cottage cheese. And drank lots of milk with every meal. I cut out all the fried foods, and that seemed to go a very long ways for me.

Vince: What is your advice to a young guy or gal who wants to gain 15 pounds of muscle instead of 15 pounds of fat when they head off to college?

Matt: Buy a program worth while, Maximize Your Muscle(i can speak from experience), delievered more than what i paid for. Life lessons were established every month which was a very big thing for me. Full length DVD’s that showed the intensity that needs to be brought for every month, coaching calls with Vince, and many many many other things made this program simply great.

If you want to pack on pounds, Lift lots of heavy weights, eat healthy, and run. But this program brought all of that, making it a great program for college students. Also, there is absolutely NO wasted time in this program. You get your work done for the day, follow some dieting rules and you will see success.

Vince: What have you been inspired to do with your life, outside of the gym, from your success inside the gym?

Matt: I have made it a point to NEVER go half way with anything. Give my all in Everything i do. This last year i was also an undecided major, but now i am looking into an Athletic Training major, which would be something i now Love to do. It has really helped me in so many different ways outside of the gym, and in month 3 i set various different goals that i know will get accomplished  in years to come. MYM really set out steps to accomplishing my life goals if i just follow through, i will be meeting all of those goals in years to come.

Vince: What are your bodybuilding goals after gaining 15 lbs of muscle?

Matt: To gain another 10 pounds! I am planning to go through the program again and see where i end up. I would really be happy at 185-190 pounds of muscle. I do love where I am now, but i love where I am going to be even more, thanks to MYM!


Pretty impressive eh?  Now it’s your turn to congratulate Matt and ask him some questions and I’ll get him to help you out.  Post your comments, congrats and questions below.


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10 Responses to “Featured Body Transformation: Matthew Beukelman”

  1. Brian

    I have the first month of MYM your muscle program (got it with XFLD), the training seems really long for, like it would take about 1hr15mins, to long for me and I would say I am an intermediate trainer.

    Did you find yourself unable to recover in time?

    BTW congrats lad, that is really impressive stuff.

  2. Ricardo

    Wow that's nice to hear so how hard does it half to be? Or rather how many sets and reps should i do for optimal results?

  3. Matt Beukelman

    Rob, i would try and clear off 2 hours a day to work out, sometimes i would use up the whole 2 hours, other times i would only be at the gym for an hour or so. It really varied from month to month because the workouts changed and some workouts took longer than others. any more questions feel free to ask!

  4. Chris

    Great transformation, good luck with your continued transformation

  5. Rob

    hey, like the transformation…
    i jst wanna knw hw many hours have u spent in the gym daily???

  6. Matt Beukelman

    Thanks man! its been a pretty crazy last 6 months of my life, but i love how things have changed for the better in my life. A lot of time and effort but it pays off, that is for sure!

  7. Chris

    Congrats to you Matt! I learned a tremendous amount of information, and I will use this info to help me further succeed in my goals of building muscle as well! It's great to see such an inspirational person like yourself succeed and get the body of your dreams! I enjoy reading everyone's body transformations as I learn very important aspects from other individuals with their success in their muscle buiding.Keep up the good work! Sounds like MYM just may be part of my library very soon. I'm already enjoying the NNMB program, so I can imagine how intense MYM is!

  8. Matt Beukelman

    Forgot! i ate a small plate-full of cottage cheese every meal. its full of protein, even though i didn't like the taste of it! haha. i got used to the taste and was able to eat more of it towards the end of college

  9. Matt Beukelman

    Thanks Tim! and i agree 1000000%!!! Never going back, just pressing on to pack on more muscle and making these changes in my gym and personal life last for as long as i walk this earth!

  10. Matt Beukelman

    Ricardo, yes to training legs. There were some days i could not walk straight because my legs hurt so bad. and YES training your legs can help make your upper body better. Vince mentioned in one of the DVD's that he stopped training legs for a while and he stopped seeing results in his upper body. any more questions feel free to ask!