Featured Body Transformation: Husein Al Shakarji

Meet today’s Featured Body Transformation Success Story Husein Al Shakarji from Townsville, Australia.

BEFORE Maximize Your Muscle Picture: Husein


AFTER Maximize Your Muscle Picture: Husein


Hi every one my name is Husein J My biggest challenge that I’ve been through in my life was building up my body. I started weightlifting 2 years ago when I was at the end of grade 11. As what normal teenage skinny kid always wants to have a bigger muscular body.

For me seeing older bigger men with massive man “jugs”, thick back, massive arms that got nearly every single person’s attention inspired me to lift weights. I didn’t have much knowledge on how to build my body so I use to go to the gym & pretty much do nearly every possible machine in the gym. “It felt great but I didn’t see ANY results at all.” I got sick off wasting my money on gym membership & powders after nearly a year of getting NO results.

I’ve tried everything the pyramid routine, 12 rep ranges, doing as much as u can on single weighted dumbbell, my body just didn’t respond to gain any muscle! I play basketball and Rugby, in rugby players need to be super strong and BIG and guess where was I playing? “The BENCH.”

So at the end of last year I received an email from Vince that he will be revealing a new program that hits 12 different anabolic targets. Most of all it mentioned that their will be different exercises EVERY MONTH so that we don’t get sick of the same old thing! Honestly I thought that this would be the same thing as the magazines and other internet lies that I red. I had nothing to loose.

When I received the 100 rep, straight away looked at the DVD, photo copied the program and I was off to gym. A month later I measured myself and gained couple of cm all over my body which gave me a massive confidence boost to keep going!

4 months later I’m double the size I was, super defined and I was asked to compete in the body building contest this September. As for Rugby I nearly play the whole game without getting subbed off Juntil now this program is truly the best body transformer that I’ve seen, “and I’ve tried heaps!

Husein Al Shakarji

Vince:  On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard would you rate building muscle?  10 being the hardest.

Husein: Well it all depends on if u know how to build it, like for someone who has no idea about building muscle would be extremely hard but for more experience people would be more easier but physically its an 8 but when your on a diet to get shredded its defiantly 10.

Vince: What was your number one reason for wanting bigger muscles?

Husein: To feel more confident around the people who I hang with and also to find a healthier and more exciting life style.

Vince: How old are you and where are you from?

Husein: I’m 18 years old and I’m from Townsville, Australia

Vince: What do you think is more effective?  Machines or free weights? Why?

Husein: It all depends on what type of muscle you try to train. Free weights are very important, it requires balance and also feels lot heavier then machines, which stimulates more muscles during the workout. Machines are designed to hit a particular muscle and also their are better resistance then free weight, for example cable preach curl or leaning behind back cable fly. We need both to gain the best amount of muscle.

Vince:  Tell me about some of the different programs you tried?

Husein: I’ve tried a lot, books, looking at people and lots of internet sites. I’ve tried a book called “maximum muscle plan” in 12 weeks but didn’t get any results & I got bored with the same exercises. “Muscle” by Ian King, ill tell you the pictures looked absolutely stunning, a model with his six pack doing them & it caught my eye lol.

Off course the “internet” it’s free and it has all these big defined male and female on them. From all this the only thing I learned was 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps makes muscle and that’s pretty much all I use to do, go to different exercises and try to get that rep range. It worked for the first 3-4 weeks but my strength went down and I couldn’t do any more weights.


Vince: Why do you think your body responded differently to my program?

Husein: Not only because theirs different exercises to hit different muscle fibres every 4 weeks, but also their was no over lapping the same muscle. For example I use to do 3 sets of barbell bench press then I did 2 DB press then after I did 2sets of machine press. I had lack of knowledge and also they all hit the same muscle. During phase 1 my strength went up very high and very quick, then phase 2 was a total different thing, it made my stamina high and it was hard for me to breath during the session but I really enjoyed it because it gave my back a total different look and its truly named Vinsanity.  Now I’m in the last week of phase 5 (5th month) and it has giving me the strength and size but also the leg muscles that I’ve never seen. Many people only train their upper body and not legs (I was one of them) but they don’t realise how much leg session stimulate testosterone to build more muscle. Also in your booklet and DVD you tell us about the type of nutrients, supplements, recipes and also life adventures that I enjoy to read as well J

Vince: Who asked you to compete in a bodybuilding contest and did you agree?  Tell us about that.

Husein: Theirs a personal trainer called Tony Tsompanellis, he has trained many natural bodybuilders around the country and also over the states. Him self was one of the greatest body builders who won the Australia and southern hemisphere championships for couple of years.

Most of the time that I go to the gym I see him training massive guys, and during phase 2 he was impressed by the energy level that I was doing it with having short amount of rest as well. He told me that I could have a chance of winning the under 19years and under 70kg open title.

That literally gave me a massive confident into how much effort I put in my training and it also made me work harder. I told him I might go for the comp this October but I still feel that I need to gain a lot more before I join it specially my upper chest, obliques and calves. Hopefully the next couple of phases do it for me and ill be able to win it easily. J

Vince: How was lifting weights improved your abilities on the Rugby field?

Husein: It made a dramatic change, their are lot big guys who play rugby and most of them are fat. As for skinny guy like me, trying to tackle them or them running at me was VERY scary!!! I was only used as a kicker or to jump and catch the ball for our team, that’s why I joined basketball because it’s more a skinny guy type style of game. Since joining your program and gaining size, strength and muscle I became more confident in rugby training and started to tackle the bigger guys which gave the coach a surprise look. Now I’m scoring couple of tries a game and also tackle lot of people without getting that voice in my head of  “man I’m gonna get smashed right now” lol.

Vince: What was your nutrition during your transformation?

Husein: For a skinny guy I needed lots of carbohydrate and protein. Even tho fast food has lot of carbs I still didn’t eat any of them. I mainly had eggs, fish, steak, pasta, protein shakes, lots of vegies, fruit, rice and generally real food that had a slight high carbs in the first 2 months. Then as the transformation contest came I started to cut down on carb. More eggwhites with less egg yolk, fish, breast chicken without the skin, (no rice, pizza, chocolate, potato, white bread), plenty of veggies, nuts and basically high protein food. And offcourse no alcohol AT ALL!!!

Vince: In total, how much muscle did you gain?

Husein: As what you can see in the picture I’m not a bulky guy, I don’t like to be just big with no definition. The only way I know if I should cut down my diet is if I start to see my six pack disappear.

For me it has been an amazing 5 months and I would love to see myself at the end of this 12 month program so hopefully Vince makes a better program later on. J

When I started I weighted at 60kg, now 5 months later I’m at 71 kg and happy. “These measurements are without tensing”:

At 60kg:                                                        At 71kg:

Chest: 91cm                                                  Chest: 98.6cm

Waist: 72.5cm                                               Waist: 76cm

Shoulders: 109.5cm                                       Shoulders: 116.5cm

Right arm: 29cm                                            Right arm: 32.4cm

Left arm: 29.5cm                                           Left arm: 32.5cm

Right leg: 51cm                                             Right leg: 55.2cm

Left leg: 51cm                                                Left leg: 55.6cm

Right calf: 35.5cm                                         Right calf: 36.7cm

Left calf: 35cm                                               Left calf: 36.4cm


Vince: What’s your number one piece of advice to guys who want similar results like yourself?

Husein: Seriously if you don’t see a slight gain after the 1st month and a half then it is not the right program. In every program I’ve taken a “before and after photos”, because I find it easier to see my progress and in this program I saw plenty of it. I think Vince is putting up another chance to grab this program in September and if u guys don’t have it you should give it a try. It seriously works better then anything you’ve tried and if u didn’t get any results after the first month which I doubt it then return it with your money back as well. As what my parents and people have told me was “learn from other people’s mistakes to try and not fall through them.”

I say this because I was one of the magazine and internet victims, and as a friend I really don’t want you guys to fall through them.


Got a question for Husein?  Fire away.  Post your questions and he’ll help you out while I’m on my honeymoon for another few days.  Don’t forget to wish Husein a big congrats.  He really filled out nicely!


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10 Responses to “Featured Body Transformation: Husein Al Shakarji”

  1. Mohammed

    Congratulations Husein! You got some awsome results. I have a question, you might be able to relate to. Correct me if im wrong but middle eastern food, mainly indian food (which is what i eat) has a lot of fat in it. How were you able to get so cut? What Cultural foods did you stay away from? All my mom makes and knows how to make is indian food and its hard to find food that is halal and low in fat. So can you give me a heads up on what to eat particulary in my situation in order to get cut and show my six pack? Thanks.

  2. Chris

    From what i can see mym is geared at people that have been training a while and totally changes training style each month.

    NNMB is for beginners – advanced and is a complete training and nutrition program

  3. hussein

    whats the difference between mym and nnmb

  4. salyris

    You will, just keep doing what you are doing. Add some carbs back to your diet and follow Vince's advice. You should be able to pack on mass fairly quick since your young, but you are fighting a good metabolism, so diet it key here. Go easy on the cardio too for awhile, this will help you to recover quicker and lift more often. ;-)

  5. sam...

    what kind of excersie workout did you do and the kind of food did you eat to stay lean without getting fat or skinny

  6. Alex

    Great Interview, Husein you are an inspiration to all skinny guys around the world.

    11 KG's in 4 months sounds surreal, especially to a guy like me who struggled for years, I myself weighed 55 KG when I was 19 and I gained about 5 KG in 5 weeks when I followed a program.

    I could tell you that not all of it was pure muscle mass.

    -Alex Allmert

  7. Clement


    Thanks a lot for your reply! It was all great information. Do you mind revealing your activity level outside of Vince’s programme and also the amount of calories you had to consume to gain so much muscle while staying lean? Thank you very much!

  8. sam...

    nice impressaive mucles gain at a very fast rate and goodluck in the mym contest

  9. Tony

    This is an awesome transformation Husein!!! I have always wanted to try entering a bodybuilding competition, but have never known how to go about entering one…What is it like? And did you like it enought that you will continue to enter more??? Thanks!!! And again, sweet transformation Husein!!!

  10. Clement

    Thanks a lot, Husein! Your advice was very very helpful. Would you mind giving me antundown of your activity levels outside of Vince’s programme and also your caloric intake? Thanks!