Fast Mass Update #9: Fast Action Bonus for Day 1 Orders ONLY

Fast Mass Update #9: FINAL UPDATE

Fast Action Bonus: Day 1 Orders Only!

The Bonus – If you order today (and today only), you will be given access to a 12-Month Periodization (Planning) Calendar where Lee Hayward and Vince Del Monte will layout your next 12-months of workouts! We’ll teach you how to space out your different training cycles (mass/size cycle, strength/explosiveness cycle, conditioning/fat loss cycle etc).

Periodization is a method that focuses on varying levels of training frequency, style of workout, intensity, volume and duration to help you lose/gain weight, grow bigger, stronger and more powerful.

Bottom line: It’s January and in 21-days you’ll need to transition to a new workout and this is your chance to have us layout and plan an entire year’s worth of workouts for you!

This type of yearly-training calendar from 2 of the industry experts is not available anywhere else at any price, but if you pick up the 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program TODAY, you’ll get access to this yearly training calendar for *FREE*!

So what’s the deal for doing this for
ONLY Day 1 orders tomorrow (Tuesday)?

A couple of reasons…

1. We reward action-takers who jump off the fence (and stay away from the fence) and pursue their goals on a mission to succeed.   This is why we’re hooking you up with even MORE value.

2. We don’t only want to see you successful in the next 21 days but also over the rest of the year. This program is going to be the catalyst to create massive momentum and our 12 Month Periodized Workout Calendar will help you sustain your momentum by showing you which programs to progress to next so you never stop growing.

3. Our readers regularly ask us, “What do I do next?”  You complete one program and ready for the next.  Now you’ll know exactly what the entire year of workouts look like.  Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.  We’ve done all the preparing for you!

We’re less than 24-hours away from and if you’ve been reading all of our breakthrough bodybuilding info the past few weeks then it won’t be long before you can put the program to the test and experience the fastest and most impressive muscle gains of your life.  I honestly have never seen a faster acting program than this in existence.

The 21 Day Fast Mass Building program will go LIVE tomorrow, January 11th, 2011, and because you have been following along with our updates, you WILL be invited to our 3-day launch-sale awarding you $60 OFF the price everyone else will pay next week!  Plus, all Day 1 orders will get access to the $97 Value FAST ACTION bonus so don’t miss out.

Lee and I are ABSOLUTELY pumped that you can finally gain size and strength without the unnecessary fat and tomorrow we get to share it with and we hope you smash your doubts and build your body towards something bigger and better with us.

See you tomorrow for the release of 21 Day Fast Mass Building!

Talk soon.

Vince Del Monte and Lee Hayward
Your Fast Mass Building Coaches


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