Contest Prep Blueprint: Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Mistakes From 2008 (Part 2 of 3)

Contest Prep Blueprint: Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Mistakes From 2008
(Part 2 of 3)

Audio Interview brought to you by Vince Del Monte & John Barb
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 Competing can be fun and provide you a venue to challenge yourself, and set a deadline and a goal for yourself, but you can never let it take over your identity.

You’ve got to have your own reasons and understand you are only ever competing against yourself.

If you’re going to compete in a fitness or physique show you’ve gotta have thick skin and be prepared for criticism. If you can’t handle criticism, our sport is not for you.

It’s important to know what the judges are looking for in the category you’re competitng in and you can never let their judgment of your physique ever get you down.

As long as you better your physique each show – you’re successful. If you do well in a show you can consider it a bonus, but you can’t let yourself get caught up in where you place in these shows and what the judges think.

Moving forward from 2005 I focused on building muscle mass for the next 3 years using various muscle building programs. During this time I built my body up to it’s new ‘normalized’ weight of approximately 210lbs.

These were the mass building years as you can see here.

John has me explain how my training philosophy changed drastically from whole body workouts to more advanced bodybuilding programs. Movement patterns, training  volume, sets, reps, and rest intervals (or a lack therof) changed drastically.

This truly represented a new level of training and conditioning, and I achieved my goal of building more size, however I wasn’t lean enough to crack the podium.

In this interview I will share how I ended up on the opposite end of the spectrum for my second round of shows in 2008 and the danger of taking your foot off the gas pedal when you think you’re in the best shape but there is still more to go.

We’ll discuss the evolution of my contest prep, and how even though I was in the best shape of my life I still didn’t understand what it truly took to win a show.

At this point some of the biggest lessons I learned was to give yourself enough time, to stick to you plan no matter what, and if you want to improve the look of your body you gotta push harder than you have in the past.

Vince Del Monte

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10 Responses to “Contest Prep Blueprint: Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Mistakes From 2008 (Part 2 of 3)”

  1. Brandon Cook

    @Vince – Yeah, I’m going to enroll in that course today! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. aimo

    Originally Posted By Lucas BlumhorstDo you think your normalized 210 weight is basically your genetic potential (if there is such thing)? Or do you think you can become larger while maintaining a lean physique?

    I think, that if Vince would train all the years through up to my age (74), he would look like a Greek god in the statues, huge compared with the image of today… There is “a genetic potential” mainly in our imagination, because these words are so often repeated, that we have begun to believe in that false idea!
    By this I by no means try to diminish his fine
    physique of today. (After all, he is training for fitness, not yet for bodybuilding competitions.)I just want to remind him and all readers of this, that there are and will be no borders in physical development with or without certain chemicals.
    What I have seen in photos taken of me and what I see at mirror, makes me think, that age is not a limiting thing, if our mind is determined enough to push us into more and better results during the years. Just think about Bill Pearl and Vince Gironda, who were at their best in very late age.
    There are and have been fine examples by thousands like those men mentioned above.

    When I compare the photos taken of me under 30 years of age, when I was training 3 times weekly very hard, and now over 45 years later, I must admit, that changes to better have become a reality. More like a muscle map today… A lot less BF%:age. Soon you are going to see new photos, after I start continuing my up-hill-runs really hard again. It will take some months to reduce a few %s of the final fat (12%).
    Not to brag, but I slept 14 ours last night! That is one of my “secrets” to grow and look like a 30 y.o. athlete, unfortunately not of my face but of my body, seen from a few meters…

    Best Wishes to all you besides Vince Del Monte, who want to live in the hypnosis of believing to get strong and look like the ancient strong men.
    One day you are going to wake up in the morning and see what you have become, if you keep training hard and believing in the end result!

    And my best Regards to Vince! You are what you teach! Be happy and prosper!

    Your Finnish friend and customer Aimo, Spain.

  3. Vince

    Hey Mitchell.

    a. What gets measured, gets managed. Start measuring everything so you have accurate intelligence to make tweaks if necessary.

    b. It’s the exact same on non workout days minus post workout nutrition i.e. carbs, glut, bcaa’s.

  4. Bogdan

    Thank you for your answer and everything you do.
    Keep up the good work.
    Lots of love from Romania!

  5. Mitchell

    Vince, I’ve listened to the third interview on John’s blog. Altogether, these interviews have been great. Eye opening and a journey.

    I noticed you mentioned a few principals in your contest prep diet:
    1. Eating a variety of proteins and carbs
    2. Eating whole foods instead of canned
    3. Cutting out the wheat (and dairy for you)

    So I have two questions:

    a. I know your diet has to match your training program, but do you have any other general principals that would fit any proper training program for show prep and shed the fat?

    b. Is your calorie profile the same on days you don’t workout? If not, what changes?



  6. Vince

    @Bogdan. No Nonsense Muscle Building is about how I gained 41 lbs of muscle in 24 weeks when I was 22 years old. The book was published and released to the public in May 2006.

    The conversations here have to do with show prep – info that is not contained in NNMB.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Bogdan

    Hello Vince,
    I have a question, when did you write your ‘no nonsense muscle building’ book?
    Was it before you did your first shows and these mistakes?

    Thank you!

  8. Vince

    Thanks Brandon. I got a degree in G.S.D. Get Shit Done. :)

  9. Vince

    @Lucas. I won’t know until I try. I think I could normalize my weight around 220 but I’m really liking my leaner and 210 look. I confidently believe that if you ask your brain to find an answer, it won’t rest until it does so.

  10. Brandon Cook

    This interview series is very informative and insightful. The biggest thing that stands out so far is that even though you didn’t have it all figured out… you had the confidence and belief in yourself to take action… and most importantly you’ve learned and evolved because of all of your mistakes.

    “Don’t do too much too soon.” <<< Still trying to master this one! haha

    Good luck at the Worlds!