Contest Prep Blueprint: Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Mistakes From 2005 (Part 1 of 3)

Contest Prep Blueprint: Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Mistakes From 2005
(Part 1 of 3)

Brought to you by Vince Del Monte & John Barban of Adonis Index Workout 

When I first picked up a weight at age 22, I had no idea it would take almost 9 years to transform and evolve my physique to the shape I have today.

As you know, from the age of 13 to 22, I was a competitive middle and long distance runner so I knew all about pushing my body to its physical limits.

Fortunately, many of the basic concepts of progressive resistance that are a key factor in the early stages of building your body are also the same concepts used to progress in running. This fundamental connection from running to beginning in bodybuilding made it an easy transition and was one of the ingredients to my first 41 pounds of muscle mass.  My first ‘coach’ in bodybuilding kept things simple and set me out on the right path, and helped me understand that building a championship physique is going to be a process that takes years not months.

Most new comers, to the muscle building world, have the false idea that all it takes is a summer of hard training to get the body that they’ve been imagining from scanning covers of fitness magazines.

Little do they know those athletes and models have spent years training and dieting, making mistakes, learning from those
mistakes and refining the process. And that’s precisely what it is…a process.

Embracing this process is exactly what I have done to transform my body over time. In this special 3 part interview series with John Barban, creator of Adonis Index Workout System.

In this first interview, I will walk us through the evolution of my physique starting with the first bodybuilding show I did in 2005 up to my latest show where I won my pro card in April 2011.

In this first interview John asks me how I approached my first show with limited experience and understanding but with determination and a great work ethic. I got into great shape for my first show, but I also understood that there was room to improve.

Vince Del Monte at 171 lbs and 5% fat in 2005

For the fist time ever, I share my insights on what it was like to compete for the first time, and what my biggest challenges were. I will also explain what I thought I did well the first time and where I think I left room for improvement.

Finally I’ll give us my major take away lessons I learned from the entire process including overdoing it on cardio, not tracking what I did, cutting too many calories, and taking an overall shotgun approach to the contest process.

You’re going to love this interview.  Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow where I’ll reveal more mistakes and what I did right for my second round of shows in 2008.

Vince Del Monte

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4 Responses to “Contest Prep Blueprint: Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Mistakes From 2005 (Part 1 of 3)”

  1. KEVIN


  2. Charles Mclaughlin

    Hi Vince,
    Your legs look really good in this photo. I think when you got heavier that some of your cuts in your legs decreased. Your upper body looks leaner than your lower body now. Body fat is a measurement of total body fat on the body but some bodybuilders look leaner in other areas of their body. I know many bodybuilders disagree that you can decrease body fat in a specific area but how do we explain how some bodybuilders waist are extremely fat in the stomach during bulking periods while there calves are pretty lean. I have seen several bodybuilders with huge calf muscles while bulking.

  3. Vince

    @Mithchell. We’ll get a good look at your technique in Toronto. Really glad you’re coming. The seminar, meeting us, will make a HUGE difference in your show prep. Pumped to see your name on the registration list.

  4. Mitchell


    Great interview. I learned some pitfalls to be aware of in preparation for my first show in November. I’ve started my bulking cycle using your 21 Day Fast Mass program. I started in July and will complete 3 cycles of it. Then I’ll take 6 weeks to cut down using either your Stage Shredded Status or my own Rapid Ripped Abs program. Like you, I don’t need 12 weeks to cut because I’ll be single digits the whole time and getting to 5% and below won’t take forever.

    I wish I knew more, but you have to work with what you have. I look forward to learning from you and Ben in August. This’ll be fun/interesting.