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There are things that you simply want to have to wait. Begetting your child, for example, will result in a delay of nine or ten months. There is no fast forward it. The grace and blessing of God was not even a button to fast forward. If you do not have the perseverance in you, you would end up deprived of his blessings.

The wait is part of life if you are a millionaire many times or someone who is struggling to make ends meet. As in Corinthians 13: 4, true love think nothing of waiting. And, if you can wait for a girl, for whom the wait will in any case come to an end in this temporal life, waiting for God, even if the wait is eternal, should be without great difficulty. That is, if you have faith! Having faith is God is of utmost importance.

Paul speaks of perseverance in Romans 8: 38-39 and how nothing in the world can not separate the faithful God, if they are willing to wait. It lists the death himself and his life of reverse number, and the powers that are the angels, the events now and events that could follow the heights and depths; everything could have no bearing on faith and perseverance. He said he was convinced these depths.

Jesus had specifically told us that long waiting periods were given on purpose. This is reflected in the words of Paul in Romans 5: 4-5. He fully understands the purpose of the trouble we are made to pass. Patience is required of us overcome the problems will give us experience through which will result in strengthening our hope. And the hope that is placed on God can never go astray. The Holy Spirit will see that your hope is not denied.

There is a warning in Proverbs 11:13 that if you were to be hurt, but have the virtue of perseverance in you, you are very likely to reap sorrow. So, hope without being good in the sight of God can land you in more trouble. On the other hand, if you are sincere in your love for God and faithful to him, you can be sure of his blessing (Proverbs 8:22 p.m.).

It is in the order of things that each of us have a different opponent. You will be delivered from their hands by the Lord. This is the direct result of your wait for God (Psalm 143: 9). Not only perseverance, but the fear of God is also emphasized in Psalm 147: 11.

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