6 simple tips to effectively build muscle fast in 30 minutes

Sick of devouring every piece unique muscle building material with different
techniques and methods for building muscle, all claiming to have the “solution” to build muscle fast?

Here are six basic guides to build muscle fast without wasting countless hours at the gym!

1) build muscle with short intervals and high intensity

Scientific test showed that the level of sugar in the blood decreases after 20 minutes. Therefore, look multi-joint compound movements because it requires the use of more muscle, each muscle group, and therefore provides more muscle recovery.

Examples of multi-joint movements are squats, dips, bench press and chin-ups. These exercises will target all the major muscle groups.

The execution of these four exercises during a session with high intensity will have a growth effect and build muscle fast.

Unlike isolation exercises (focusing on 1 muscle group at a time), compounds motion exercises are much more effective to build muscle fast!

After the high intensity workout multi-joint compound movements for a day, muscle recovery is needed to allow the muscle to strengthen and adapt to new muscle growth.

In the next session, increase the repetitions at the same weight to build muscle fast!

2) Work hard with one set by Body Part

One of the training set are much more beneficial than multiple sets that prevents over-training, but the savings energy for other lifts required during a high intensity workout.

To build muscle fast and effectively, you have to put 100% effort for each set until you can not move the bar after the last rep or exert the same force for another play.

Then, move on to the next exercise and repeat the 100% effort to
work hard muscle.

Exercise such intensity will stimulate the muscle, and thus build muscle fast.

3) Do not overtrain to build muscle fast

As mentioned earlier, the levels of sugar in the blood (energy) decrease with time.

So, a high volume of training will have no positive outcome. Another negative effect of over
training is the negative impact of cortisol have on muscle tissue.

The more training time, the more cortisol is released into the bloodstream of the body
faults of the muscular tissue.

Needless to say, to minimize the effect of cortisol, limit the drive between 20-30 minutes.

As a result, the target for a short intense workout for maximum effect on the muscle group followed by rest.

4) vary the intensity

When strength training to build muscle, the intensity should be changed, not fixed.

In order to build muscle fast, the intensity of workouts must progress upward. If the intensity
remains the same, there is no reason for new muscle growth.

This is why muscle groups should be shaken with a varied intensity through changes in repetitions and
weights used.

varied intensity will build muscle fast and is an effective way to maintain progress and
avoid training plateaus.

5) Do not cheat to build muscle fast

Focus on the quality of the technique used for each set and focus on the movements on the muscle.

To build muscle fast, Why not start with a light load and work the muscles to lift the load.

Once the technique is perfected, increasing the load up gradually.

Do not kid yourself with representatives shortening the range of motion and swinging the weight up.

With the method of fraud, it has a limited impact on growth and will not build muscle fast.

6) Drink plenty of water

Water helps build muscle and carry all the necessary nutrients throughout the body, and
helps remove excess protein. And without the required amount of water, the muscles will not perform properly.

Not only that, we need water.

As you can see with these 6 simple tips, you do not need to be an athlete to build muscle.

Follow these simple guide effective to build muscle fast without losing too much time at the gym!

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