5 Most Common Cutting Mistakes Killing Your Abs


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And if you have any questions about any of these cutting mistakes, leave your comments and questions below.

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10 Responses to “5 Most Common Cutting Mistakes Killing Your Abs”

  1. Billy

    Awesome video Vince! I have always respected the fact that you tell people how it is because true coaches will tell you the facts as opposed to what you want to hear. Thank you for everything Vince!

  2. Mary

    Excellent video – common sense isn’t sexy but it gets results!

  3. brad

    Ok. I have a problem with this. I want a six pack; or six pack abs, but I can’t really afford it. I’m positive that my wife wants these abs too.
    I have lost my job; due to the economy, and my wife is basically supporting us too. I need to know how much this program is.

  4. John

    Vince you hit the nail right on the head!! thanks

  5. Vince

    @Ben. I personally wouldn’t mess around with over the counter test boosters. They can “raise” test levels but they do not raise them enough to experience any super physiological effects. To see a benefit from increase test levels they need to hit a certain threshold and over the counter stuff is not going to do that for you. You may feel stronger on a test booster but that’s probably it. Put your money into a high quality steak instead.

  6. Vince


    Stop freaking out about losing muscle. Yours muscle deflate and inflate based on water volume and carb intake. You can’t “lose” muscle bro.

  7. Vince

    @Bob. It’s on again for a July 4th sale.

  8. Joe Pereira

    Thanks Vince this was by far my favorite video!

  9. Bob P

    Hey Vince,

    Nice job with the fancy salesletter! Looks great, great content too. Very convincing.

    One thing bro, i thought the 50% off sale was already expired since the first weak afther the launch?

  10. Hassan

    Sounds great .

    I really want to lose the fat but im afraid to lose my hardearned Muscles .
    Im a hradgainr an I can lose Muscles very fast .

    Is this program good for me ? plz vince !