16-Week Maximize Your Muscle Transformation Pictures

1st Place Winner of $2,000 Cash

“Gino Wins Again And Proves Virtually Anything Can Be Physically Achieved”

“As you can see I have managed to shred even more fat while staying at the same weight, which means yet again I have put on a little more muscle at the same time.

I suspect I am around 4.5% bodyfat now. Thanks to MYM I find no greater joy than being able to demonstrate that through dedication, persistence, motivation, and hard work anything is possible; and what’s more these qualities carry over positively into other areas of my life.

I have learned that if we dream something and commit ourselves to doing everything we possibly can to achieving it, our minds can be so powerful that it can truly become a physical realization.”

Gino Aquino
Trinity Beach, QLD, Australia

2nd Place Winner of $2000 Cash

“Aimo’s Inspires An Entire Generation Of Men To Train With Weights!”

“It is a great pleasure to me to be your customer and pupil. I especially like your way to be the main star in the videos, in which you so clearly show, how to train, to do it effectively.

Also I am very much interested in your nice way of teaching people, how to live and behave to be happy, giving that way something, that few coaches care to do.

Your teaching includes advice, that benefits the person as whole, not just the body part, but attitudes and spirit as well.

I have studied a lot during the last few years through the Internet, especially how to train and eat. My files contain more than 20 binds full of training and proper eating. My notebook has names of 25 trainers and coaches, many of whom must be your friends and rivals. Some were in your wedding video and some in your MYM videos. I like that free way of being connected to others in mutual giving and receiving. It reminds me of, what Paul said about more happiness in giving than receiving. I agree with him and you. You are giving more than you have to, because you receive more that way, not only money, but obviously joy.

My goal to take part in this MYM system was not only to seek for better condition and looks, but to show by my official photos to other older men, that it is never too late to start serious training, although I can not be very satisfied with the outcome, as yet…

I even thought, that those after photos may make people laugh at me, thinking, that I must be a big jolly joker to let publish them ( if they ever will be shown to public ). Anyway those photos may be able to show, that some change may occur, if you try to do, what you should have done continuously your whole life, train, eat a lot fruits, vegetables and chicken and turkey breast, fish and other food that contains protein + good oils, and sleep enough. I have slept 10 to 12 hours a night since I was 62, and I have noticed, that it gives me more strength and vigor, than the usual 8 hours sleep.

I also take multivitamins and minerals, especially vitamins C and D to make sure, that there will be no lacking links in my cells. I have studied a lot these items. I am sure, that people in general should test their body with these things to be healthier and happier and live longer. It really is good to be 73 and strong and healthy. My doctor only tests me every year and never gives me any prescriptions, never yet.

What more should I say, than THANK YOU, Vince!

This hot summer in Spain has seen me getting plenty of sunshine on my roof, where I have been able to train in fresh air. I understand, that I should have been running more in the near hill, but other duties have taken my time, and the hot days and nights have taken their toll, too… ( 42 degrees Centigrade as tops ).

I have had mixed feelings towards this picture thing. I must Tell you, that I have been sort of ashamed of my arrogance to take part in this picture campaign. But as I told you in my essay, my main goal was to try to encourage older people to train with weights.

I will be very happy, if even one person will get a kick to start taking care of his/her body after seeing my before and after photos.
My Best Regards to you and your beautiful wife. You both are doing a great job to help people all over the planet to live a strong and long life. Your loyal customer.”

Aimo Ruoho
Torrevieja, Alicante province, Spai

3rd Place Winner of $1000 Cash

“Aimo’s Dave Loses 45 Lbs Of Lard & Feels Like A New Man!”

“My transformation started with me weighing in at 230lbs and 25% bf. I was ashamed of what I had let myself become.

With my 30th birthday coming up I was looking for a program to help get me back in shape quick. 16 weeks into MYM I am now 185lbs and 15%bf. I am truly amazed at what I have done.

I no longer am ashamed of myself and my confidence has gone through the roof. My confidence has carried through in every aspect of my life and I feel like a new man.

When I started I was on the opposite end of most people starting the program. I want to use MYM to prove that this program isn’t just for added muscle, but also for fat loss. I still have a ways to go on my transformation, and with MYM I should knock those goals out in another 16 weeks.”

Dave Chaffin
Ashland, Kentucky

4th Place Winner Of $500

“James Drops From 15% To 6% Body Fat & His Confidence Has Skyrocketed!”

“For the past 4-5 years I had been stuck at about 170lbs and 11%bf. MYM seemed like what I needed to get back into shape and break through my old plateau. It provided me a well-designed program that was already laid out for me and which would insure a variety of set/rep schemes, progressions and exercises.

I hadn’t planned on entering this contest, but after losing a pound and 1%bf the first week I decided to take a picture and track my weight/bf%. The past 16 weeks and the sacrifices required to make this transformation have helped me become more disciplined.

In addition the transformation has caused my confidence to skyrocket and has me excited about what can happen during the next 16 weeks and the rest of MYM. My transformation and the changes to my lifestyle have also had an impact on my friends and family, encouraging them to improve their dietary habits and to rededicate themselves to their training.”

May 18, 2010 – 174lbs 15%bf
Sep. 8, 2010 – 179lbs 6%bf

James Wolf
Pleasanton, California

5th Place Winner

“Dietrich Gains 10 lbs of Muscle & Lost 5% Body Fat!”

“Where do I begin? I’ve always (like many, no doubt) aspired to having a physique that people put on a pedestal. One that gets people to do a double-take, whenever you walk past. However, I never seemed to be able to get any closer to that dream.

I’ve always been active and lived a relatively healthy lifestyle, even more so after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 14. Yet, this seemed to further hinder my progress. So I decided to just keep doing what I was doing, and maintain the level was at. It seems that, while I was never skinny, I was never going to be that super ripped guy either.

At the start of last year (2009) I moved out of home, because of University. Like most guys, I didn’t want to slave over meals in the kitchen, so junk seemed like the way to go, even though I tried to keep a relatively tight leash on myself, by still taking in fruit and vegetables. Then one day while driving, I noticed a slightly bigger bulge over the seatbelt (down, where it goes across your waist). Most people wouldn’t have thought much of it, but that really was the drive I needed! When I got home, I jumped online and started looking up fitness info and videos. This led me to Craig Ballantyne, who had impressive credentials, so I followed some of his stuff for a while, but then started hitting another plateau.

Then in one of Craig’s newsletter’s I got the link to sign up to MYM. At first I was really sceptical, since I’m always on the lookout for online marketing scams. But I literally only had $1 to lose, so I went for it.

With no regrets!

The first thing I got in order was my diet/nutrition. I realised that there’s more to getting lean and building muscle than just eating ‘healthy’ foods. I believe that you can eat the healthiest foods on the planet and still be overweight. The key is timing. This requires knowledge. I learnt when to eat certain foods, and when to avoid them; when they’d be most beneficial, and when they wouldn’t be. This helped me get down to a whopping 5% body fat .

The other thing I did was look at who I was hanging out with. I started hanging around people who have a similar outlook on life to the one I’ve got, or have similar aspirations. The results have been amazing! I’ve become a more productive and confident person. While I still have a long way to go, and will never stop growing at that, I have come a long way. Instead of merely being the guy in the background, for a lot of people, I’m now the go-to guy when it comes to health and fitness, and I’ve also noticed that people have started asking me for advice about how to cope with other areas in their lives.

One of the challenges faced by me is due to my diabetes. Being type 1 diabetic, my body doesn’t produce insulin, so I have to administer doses myself, which requires careful balance, since too much can lead to hypoglycaemia (low blood-sugar), and too little to hyperglycaemia (high blood-sugar). Thus, getting hitting certain anabolic targets isn’t as easy for me. An example would be post-workout, where I’ll take in heaps of carbs. In a non-diabetic, the insulin would shove all the carbs into the muscle, replenishing glycogen stores. I can take in the same amount of carbs, but can’t just administer insulin whenever I choose, so it requires a bit of balance. All this means for me, is that my gains will be a little slower. This hasn’t kept me down. I’ve accepted that there’s no getting around it. Supplements may help, but we don’t get ones that are too great here in Australia, so I’ve been sticking to whole foods mainly which meant I had to learn to cook (which is an area in which I’ve grown personally). Thus, this has in no way kept me from reaching my goals. In fact it’s renewed my determination to reach them, more than before, just to prove to others that it IS possible, and that doubts are superficial limits that our own minds throw up around us when we’re forced to take risks, or really commit to something.
The key is to admit that you need to learn, which means really humbling yourself and admitting that you don’t know everything, and asking for help. It also means that you have to accept that there are times that you will fail, BUT you need to learn from those experiences, and then get up and try again. Whatever happens, you will come out the other side a better, more mature person!

The key to being a leader is being prepared to be lead. This means that before you can tell anyone else what to do, you have to be able to do it yourself, or apply it in your own life, otherwise you are a hypocrite, and have no right to criticise others. Put another way: the best way to get a message across is through actions, and not words.

Thanks Vince, and all the other MYM superstars and members for the fantastic advice and environment they have provided, to help me grow and become a better person.”

Weight: 76Kg
Body Fat: 9-10%

Finish (after shedding all the water weight and heavy dieting):
Weight: 80Kg
Body Fat: 5%

Dietrich Marquardt
Hobart, Tasmania

6th Place Winner

“Josh Lost 7% Body Fat & Reveals His Best Physique To Date!”

“I started Maximize Your Muscle in April of this year. Before then I had been training for a little over a year starting out doing just basic weightlifting pretty much following general principles i.e. 3 sets of 10 to 12 per exercise and about 6 to 7 exercises per workout. I did well losing 20 pounds in about 4 months time and becoming more toned than I had ever been. I then started p90x and followed that program for almost 7 months and while it did get me even more toned it never really helped me gain any size.

I happened to just stumble across Vince’s website one day on the internet looking for new bodybuilding workouts and something about the way he marketed himself and the way he came across in his videos spoke to me.

One month into the program I had gained about 3 pounds and was excited that I was finally starting to see some new progress. With the help of phase 2 Vinsanity, XFLD, and Vince’s Worlds Toughest Diet I managed to lose almost 7 % body fat bringing me down to 6.5% and was looking the best I ever had.

This program has helped me boost my confidence 10 fold and I know that there is nothing that can stop me from blowing beyond my genetic potential.

What really makes Vince’s program unique is not only are the workouts constantly challenging you but the additional content and support he provides to you is exceptional. He really makes you feel like more than just another customer.”

Josh Proberts
Wamsutter, Wyoming

Special Congratulations To The Entire Crew Of Maximize Your Muscle Members Who Are Blowing Beyond Their Genetic Potential Each Month… Here Is Special Recognition To The Rest Of Our Contestants From The Most Recent 16-Week Transformation…

“Jovanny Makes An Investment & Now Has Ripped Abs”

“I’ve always been a person who likes to challenge himself and push my limits. MYM workouts are incredible! I love 5 Day Full Body Vinsanity.

My life and body quickly started changing after I signed up for this program, best investment I’ve ever made.

Even the life of people around me changed. I’ve got many people into joining me at the gym and changing their unhealthy eating habits. What I love most about the programs is the Vinny’s inner views and how he shares his own life experiences with us members and really helps us connect with him. MYM not just a bunch of workouts put together on hard paper, it has feeling put into it. At least that’s how I feel when I receive a copy in the mail (which by the way it’s very exciting!). I am very happy with this program and I am sticking to it and working hard to follow the plan!”

Before: 174 lbs 15% fat
After: 152 lbs 7% fat

Jovanny Aviles
New York, New York

“Syd Lost 24 Lbs of Blubber & His Girlfriend is Very Impressed”

“All my weights have gone up quite a lot from when I first started to now the gym I am at I am starting to max out a few machines, and my body weight has decreased from a rather large 115kgs (253lbs) in the past, down to currently 104kgs (229lbs) and I don’t intend stopping there.

My body fat % has come down accordingly and my girlfriend is very impressed with the results!

MYM provides you the training system to build the body you want as fast as you want or to go at the speed your comfortable with so to speak, as you continually learn more and more of what you and your body are capable of.

And you have someone there every step of the way to provide guidance and leadership. The forum and having access to communicate with others and Vince and his team is a huge benefit and supports you to what you want to achieve, as were all heading in the same direction. Others will help you up and along to your goal.”

Syd Solomona
Tauranga, New Zealand

Alistair Is Looking Better Than The Younger Guys In His Gym

“I think you can see straight away I’ve really progressed in leaps & bounds with my transformation, I have improved the shape & tone of my body & my body looks completely different to when i started.

I have been what i would consider active for many years & thought i was in good shape, well until the truth of the day 1 pics showed me otherwise. I had felt good at the time as I had just lost 10kgs prior to this with a lot of cardio & kettlebell training, but all the while was desperate to find a new way of training that would kill the boredom i was feeling at the gym & help me get back to the way i looked when i was in my late twenties.

I had been doing a lot of research online & came across your program via Scott Sonnen & his tacfit commando website, it was honestly on his recommendation that i took the leap & purchased MYM, well plus the fact that you made me believe you had something special to offer & not just in the way of transforming myself but offering me the chance to inspire others & to be inspired, something I find happening most days when i log in & read the advice of others or their stories of dedication & training from my fellow MYM members.

The phases have been all you said & more, phase 2 was so tough & left me a lot of the time with a feeling of “i cant go on” but i believe in myself & dont give up that easy, plus having a light at the end of the tunnel reminding me that if i do push through, there’s rewards waiting for me & getting into great shape is only the beginning of what comes with discipline & self respect.

The flow on effect of this physical change is happening in my work life & also wherever i go, I’m getting close to 40 now yet I feel better than i have since my 20′s & early 30′s all thanks to this amazing training regime. I’m even lifting more than i ever have before & at risk of sounding a little cocky, i think I look better than most of the guys in my gym now & they are mostly in their 20′s Smile

As pleased as i am with how I’ve done so far, i know i can do better & hope to wow you with my continuing improvements. I know phase 5 isnt relevant to this but I cant get enough of it, my strength has gone through the roof, my squats PB has gone from 140kgs/308lbs to 170kgs/374lbs in only 3 weeks! I cant wait to see what else you have to offer.

Thanks for the chance to enter this comp Vince & thanks for giving me back my self belief & desire to hit the gym hard every day & leave knowing i have given my all.

Good luck to all who have entered the comp”


Jason Goes From Skinny Soft Guy To Lean & Muscular”

“I started this program at about 170lbs soaking wet and I had worked hard to get the body fat off me…but I was still somewhere around 18% and looking in the mirror I felt that I looked too much like a marathon runner…which was not at all what I had been shooting for.

I stumbled upon MYM and subscribed. Now a little over four months later I am 180lbs and about 11.5% body fat.

I have never felt so good in my entire life. I am leaner and more muscular and the confidence boost has been a great help to me. I may not be the most radically transformed individual physically, but the mental transformation that this program has provided me has been far more important to me.

I have made significant progress in my business, I am starting to build up a clientèle and I am really loving my work! I was a bit of a procrastinator before I started MYM, but having a goal and being reminded that all I had to do was put forth the effort and plan it step by step has helped me get my life moving forward again!”

Jason Ward
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

“Arn Stops Wasting His Time & Strips 31 Lbs Of Stomach Fat

“That’s a sentence Vince used in one of his programs. And I couldn’t get that sentence out of my mind. How long have I really been wasting waiting… I barely could not ask that question to myself. How long…WAY to long!

After a couple of years training in the gym it was always the same game…gaining muscle and gaining fat, losing muscle and losing fat… I was sick and tired not getting the results I wanted. It was time for the real deal!

So I started MYM. Each month a new training program, new tips and hints, a coaching call and lots of support on the forum. This program is designed to work, and it did!

I started at 94kg (207 pounds) and a lot of that weight was fat and I ended at 80kg (176 pounds) with less fat and far more muscle I ever had before.

People started to notice that I began to change and started to ask me questions. What are you eating, which program do you use and one guy asked me if I use steroids. To be honest, that last question made me happy, it was a compliment. I love MYM because it’s different then other programs. It feels like having a personal trainer 24/7.”

Arn Borremans
Antwerp, Belgium




Pretty amazing transformations eh?  And I’m not just referring to their bodies.  If you took the time to read their transformation stories you’ll see that these guys have transformed in body, mind and soul – in the literal sense.

I’m extremely proud of my Maximize Your Muscle members and they continue to prove that limits are only created in the mind.  Feel free to ask them any questions you have about their stories and I’ll ask the boys to stop by and help you out.

Vince Del Monte

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10 Responses to “16-Week Maximize Your Muscle Transformation Pictures”

  1. aimo

    Thank you for the check (or cheque ), Vince!

    I bought 40 kg more weights (2 x 45 lbs) to my barbell the same day I changed Dollars to Euros… you see, I am not finished yet! I do some heavy training to be stronger than 45 years ago. My aim is to lift more at 75 than 28.
    Good training guys, whether you are young or older.
    Be happy and prosper!

    The Veteran Enthusiast.

  2. wrestler strength

    These results are incredible!

  3. Jim

    Great work there everyone Some day I’ll get the guts and actually get in great shape also.

  4. Chris

    Congrats everyone, some great results

  5. Alex "Dude Where's My Muscle" Siddy


    Aimo, you definitely deserve the honor and to be placed under the spotlight for your achievement!

  6. aimo

    Originally Posted By Vince

    Originally Posted By aimoTo Vince.
    Are you joking?
    Is this true?
    My 2nd place?
    I do dot deserve this honour.

    Hey Aimo!

    Aren’t you glad I pushed you to enter the contest?

    The people have spoken. You were voted 2nd place after leaving the voting up for 5-days. Great job. Shoot me an email and I’ll mail you your check

    YES. I am very glad in deed! I just did, what I was able, no more!
    I feel like the slave, who did only, what his master told him to do, but nothing more… I should have done a lot more, to be able to feel myself really satisfied. I only hope, that I did not disappoint you in any way. Jenn has got my full address and other details…
    Thanks, Vince to be so attentive!

  7. Danny B

    Congrats to all the winners and contestants you all deserve it, your results inspire me to work harder.
    Aimo your a star ! And i hope to use you as proof to get my father motivated and back in good health.

    Stay strong all of you

  8. aimo


    I know it will come one of these days, after I will fully understand, what happened. I only regret, that I could not let my “after” photos
    to be taken by a true professional. My wife took them without knowhow or experience, how the best photos should be taken.
    Next time I let anyone take photos of my body, I also will pump up my pecs, arms and delts! My wife just put some gel on my front…

  9. Brandon Cook

    Congratulations Gino! Man you are making some amazing gains and look freakin awesome. Keep at it!

    Congratulations Aimo! You deserve the honor because you put in the hard work and had the guts to post the photos and inspire others in the process. You made some great changes and should be proud.

    Congratulations to all the other champions as well! Inspiring pics and stories.

  10. Frank

    Congrats to everyone…really inspring.

    I thought MYM was for muscle building not fat loss or am I wrong?