10 Strange Reasons I’m Competing On Stage + My 9 Days Out Pic

10 Strange Reasons I Decided To Get On Stage & Compete at Brian Cannone’s Fitness Atlantic Championships This Saturday April 16th in Connecticut

If it’s been said before, it’s been said 937 times – if you want to succeed, you are going to have to take chances.

Take the turtle for example. Poor creature moves as fast as a stone. If he wanted, he could stay inside his shell all day and relax. But it knows it’s missing out on the action; so the turtle sticks its head out and does something about it.

When we stay complacent with our lives, or pass up on opportunities we are interested in, we are the ones relaxing inside the shell. We are missing out on the action. But if you stick your neck out of the shell, there are so many possibilities waiting for you.

Memorize this:

“Behold the turtle. He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.”

- James Bryant Conant

10 Strange Reasons I’m Competing On Stage…

1. I believe I only make progress in life when I stick my neck out. Not just my neck but I’ll be sticking out every body part for the world to either critique or applaud.  Contrary to what you might think, it’s not normal for the majority of physique athletes to prance around the stage in virtually no clothing while a panel of judges scores you on your overall marketability, physique, stage presence, level of confidence, overall health, symmetry, colour, choice of clothing and probably a few more things I’m missing.  So by getting up on stage

2. I don’t believe in competing unless I know I can or will look better than my last show. To me, competing over and over while bringing the same physique to the stage is like running  a 5km road race in the same finishing time.  Where is the improvement?  I compete to take my body to new heights and to win.  I don’t treat a physique competition like a recreational activity or hobby.  It’s a sport and I treat it like a full time professional athlete.

3. I want to win my Pro Fitness Model Status so I can compete against the best of the best in August at the World WBFF Championships in Toronto, Ontario August 27th, 2011.  I believe I need to get first place this weekend (and you never know who’s going to show up at these shows… guys come out of the wood works!) and in physique competitions anything can happen!  A lot of people ask me who I look up to and their is a small handful of physique athletes I’ve grown to know personally, whom I consider friends and guys who keep me focused on my goals because their bodies are so inspirational.  Who are they?  ”Six Pack” Artus Shakur, Rob Riche and Obi Obadike.  I could name off a series of other guys who are truly in a class of their own and would be honoured to compete against them but I don’t want them to know I’m spying on them too :) I am a true competitor so would love to see how I fair against the best of the best.  If you think you have a body that can compete with the best fitness model physiques in the world, check out http://www.wbffshows.com for more info.  This is the organization that has impressed me the most, does the most for the athletes, hosts in great venues, gives away decent prizes and attracts the highest caliber of athlete.

4. I want to hit 4.5% body fat. I have not been in “contest shape” (5-7% body fat range) since June 2008 when I competed last.  I guess you could say I got the competition bug and after watching one of my training partners, Artus Shakur, compete last September and earn his Pro Status, I told myself, “I can do this too and I’m going to give this a serious shot.”  I also brought a coach into the picture, an IFBB PRO BODYBUILDER who was a huge investment and has dialed my body in perfectly.  I’ve learned so much by working with a coach instead of doing it on my own this time.  I can’t image preparing for a show on my own ever again.  I can’t wait to see how he gets me dry to the bone by Saturday!

5. One of my life-time achievement goals is to land a cover on either Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Status, REPS, Inside Fitness, Muscle & Fitness or any other fitness mag.  It’s easy to get featured inside the magazine but it’s completely different to land a cover.  The fitness industry is similar to all organizations and it’s often not “How you look but who you know!”  Competing at the big shows, meeting the organizations, athletes, photographers and inside contacts can go a long way and speed things alone.  Just like any business, people want to do business with their friends and people they know so you got to become friends and meet the people that can pull the trigger for you.  The day after the show I’ll be shooting with Jason “The King Of Covers” Ellis, GW “The Edge” Burns and Leigh “Style” Hagan.  Three big name guys that I want to make very easy to photograph me.

6.  I’m the only guy on the Internet who believes you can BLOW BEYOND YOUR GENETIC POTENTIAL so better believe that I’m going to live up to that message and disprove any monkey who says otherwise. It’s not just a cute saying to sell more of my programs – it’s something I truly believe and by taking my body to new levels I’m living proof (even after I’ve been training for almost 10 years in the gym now) that you can shatter and shred your goals from limb to limb.   I am the face of my mantra: LIVE LARGE.  I would never tell you to LIVE LARGE if I didn’t live out the message myself.

7. My beautiful wife, Flavia, has never seen me on stage prancing around and squeezing my glutes in front of a huge crowd. My wife keeps saying, “Any guy can get a six pack Vinny… I want to see you get a eight pack!”  She’s not kidding and believes in me that much.  I won’t let her down.    I have to give her this pleasure at least once in her life to drool all over a shredded eight pack!  She’s also never seen me shredded and diced so this will be a super fun experience!  She’s seen me “lean” but she’s never seen veins coming out of my chest, lower abdomen and I’m even starting to get lines on my glutes!  I really want to make her proud.

8. I’ll be in the best shape of my life by April 16th! Not a bad way to start the year eh? The 2011 Fitness Atlantic Championships are being held early in the year so Im going to be sitting at sub 5% body fat by mid April. I plan on doing another show, April 30th in Quebec and will be competing with a few of my training partners.  And meet organizer, Brian Cannone who’s an amazing guy, has brought in P90X creator Tony Horton to the event so I’m really hoping I can meet him (I look up to Tony for all he’s done and how he looks at 52 years of age) and shoot some vids with him.

9. I successfully bulked up my body to almost 230 lbs in November and December of 2010 and it’s time to reveal the freak and show the world what I really look like after all the water and fat is stripped off my body. Every athlete knows whether they bring their best or not and I can say I’ve never brought my absolute best to the stage.  This April 16th, I’m going to show the world what a real man looks like and reveal the freak, the savage beast, the ultimate warrior, an untamed barbarian… the heart throb Vinny D is going to show the world what it means to LIVE LARGE!  My goal is to come in under 5% body fat which will be a life time achieve accomplishment for me.  In the picture on this page I’m 199 lbs and 6.4%  I’m training like a wild pitbull right now to get the last few grams (not pounds) of fat off.  Oh yeah, their is NO SUCH THING as stubborn fat.  Fat is fat.  If you’re not lean, you simply have MORE fat to lose.

10.  This year I’m working on my hardcopy book deal and want to be the model for the exercises! Yes, majorly exciting stuff and I want to be the model for the book that will perform the exercise shot list.  This means I want to bring my best physique to the shoot and ensure I’m happy with the pictures for a long time to come.  Transformation pictures are powerful and can be used to market yourself for a lifetime.  I’ll never become that guy who uses the same “after” pictures from ten years ago! Heck, they are still using Arnold’s pics to sell magazines and his pics were taken 30+ years ago!

Wish me luck and if you live in the Connecticut area, here is the event information to get yourself some tickets and to see me BRING IT!   I’ll be on stage at 12pm for the pre judging and 6pm for the finals.  Click here to come and watch.

Comments? Questions?  Anything you want to know about my show prep?  Let me know and I’ll do some more blog posts this week.

For now, i want to hook you up with a 50% off discount for a program called STAGE READY NUTRITION & TRAINING and in it you’ll discover the “back stage secrets” that the most successful fitness, bikini, model and bodybuilding competitors use to dominate their competitions and land on famous fitness magazines…


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10 Responses to “10 Strange Reasons I’m Competing On Stage + My 9 Days Out Pic”

  1. rocky

    Vince, you seriously are the man. When i seen what you looked like before you decided to do all this i thought there was no way you could get any better than that. But i guess when it comes to Vince Delmonte anythings possible. I have the utmost respect for you and wish you the best man.

  2. Greg

    NICE VINCE!!! just want u to know ur a huge inspiration for me!!! keep up the awesome work!!! cant wait to find out how u did it!!

  3. george superbootcamps

    Hi Vince,

    Good reasons to get back on stage. I have two questions:
    1, Are you going to release some of the things you have learned from working with a coach to get you properly prepped?
    2, Are you aware of the ‘height in cm -100 = your 5% BF weight limit’? This is something I find very interesting. You can read about it here

    Keep up the good work, and good luck for the show

  4. Arturo D .Cordova

    Hey Vince..youuuu are looking good….the abs,,,whoauuu

  5. ChrisW


    Vince well done mate! Im really friggin’ happy for you man, I know you will storm the stage no matter what the end result.

    To be fair, never take you eyes off the prize – ‘THE PRO CARD BABY’ But reaching sub 5% is going to be a life time accomplishment for you and that in itself should fill you with more pride and you can then take this hard earned confidence into the rest of your life!

    On behalf of your fans from London, UK – SMASH IT MAAATE!

    You look sick brotha – Chin up, Chest out, Stay strong,

    Chris W

  6. Amit Sidhwani

    Lovely Man,

    I quite sure you will hive your best on stage as well !

    Best Wishes.


  7. Leonardo Arias


    I can say that this post is one of the best ones you have shared. You shared more than words… MAN, YOU ARE GONNA WIN. SHOW THEM WHAT YOU GOT. BRO, YOU ARE CERTAINLY A WARRIOR… I know you may be having hard times because of the strict diet, exercise plan, resting time, etc…. But man you got the power… you just demonstrated it in this post… I feel proud to be your reader man… You inspired me. I wish they had a live transmission of the event. Man, bring the gold home!!!!!!

  8. Peter Carvell

    Looking Good Vince! I might have to get you onto my site for an interview soon with Six Pack Abs like that buddy! Good luck with the show!

  9. Izaak R.

    Looking great Vince! Keep it up and I know ur going to win 1st place!

  10. Ken Roetman

    Vince, you look great man! Best of luck stud!